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MLCTF XXV :: Playoffs Underway
(1 Comment) - Posted By: m3ss on 07/29/2013 8:12PM EDT
The MLCTF XXV playoffs are upon us and excitement is in the air! We've already had several enthralling matches with some surprising eliminations, but there's still plenty of action to look forward to! If you're interested in tuning in to future matches, bookmark and subscribe to the following Twitch.TV links



We're still heading towards that ultimate showdown between the North American and European Conferences! You do not want to miss any of the action leading up to this epic face-off! Below are several useful links for finding the current MLCTF XXV results, replays, and schedule:

EU Conference Results/Replays
EU/NA Conference Replays
NA Playoffs Bracket
EU Playoffs Bracket

And just to give you even more reason to tune in, here's a highlight clip of Dray's Team A.D.D. eliminating cort and his Horny Grumpycats last week in the QuarterFinals. This match-winning moment was streamed on MLUTLive complete with picture in picture and A.D.D.'s TeamSpeak audio!
#1 - MLCTF XXV :: Playoffs Underway - Posted By: Blizzard on 07/31/2013 12:04PM EDT
Gotta be the longest quarterfinals week ive ever seen
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