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MLUT.NET Ladders Launches
(2 Comments) - Posted By: sLY1838 on 12/14/2013 11:32PM EST
MLUT Ladders kicks off its first season with Capture the Flag. This first season will be hosted by the North American Unreal Tournament community located on the Global Gamers IRC network. The season is unlike any other competition thus far, so we have made the transition as easy as virtually possible.

There are no signups or registration forms. The majority of the players competing in this tournament already reside within the official MLUT channel (#MLUT) or know exactly how to return if they have been on a hiatus. All that has to be done in order to compete is to sign up for a pug in the channel.

However, we encourage all players competing in the league to take a look at the Ladder Ranking system to better understand how the process will work. We plan to eventually convert the ranking system into a more sophisticated ELO format, but for now this is the route that will be taken.

Thanks to chicken- for assisting in setting up the tools needed to get the ball rolling. Also thanks to Darth for providing servers and Invictus for creating an early foothold for the Reg CTF community.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

About the Website

For a while now, we have had the idea of implementing a competitive pickup game league like one seen in newer competitive games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive. This website will be the foundation for all things IRC Pickup Game related in terms of competition.

For now the website is simplistic, but if our initial leagues prove to be a success, the site will naturally evolve into something more complex (both design and functionality wise). We have plans for creating an elaborate back-end interface for both the administrative staff and users of the community. Eventually the site will be optimized for tablets and phones as well. It was in our better interest to get something up and going to see how the community responds. If the feedback and interest is favorable, the natural course will take its toll.

This community isn't designed for everyone, but instead the competitive community that resides on the Global Gamers IRC network (North America). There is a chance it will branch out to our European friends on Quakenet. Another possibility is a worldwide competition featuring NewNet if released with competitive settings.

As it stands now we will be starting off with a full month competition for Capture The Flag. We have plans to open a Team Deathmatch and Dueling competition in the first quarter of 2014.

For those interested in competing, please visit irc.globalgamers.org (www.GlobalGamers.org) and visit us in #MLUT.

You can visit the new MLUT Ladders website by visiting: www.mlut.net

#1 - MLUT.NET Ladders Launches - Posted By: sLY1838 on 12/16/2013 3:17AM EST
Day 1 Rankings posted

#2 - MLUT.NET Ladders Launches - Posted By: bigV on 12/16/2013 10:07AM EST
So this is a ranking system based on pugs ? I'm confused
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