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The DreamDrunk Monkeys
-vs- Black Man's Bucket
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Freeze @ February 24th 4PM EST / 9PM GMT
All times in EST.
  Match Recap

Moskva- @ Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:13 pm
Bathrooms was a pretty good pick for the dreamdrunk monkeys as they took out the #1 seed team on semifinals in this map. Trusting their faith on their big 3 (Dangerboy, MAL and Dem) and adding a strong defense on eve (most improved player of the league) they came up strong to claim a win against the infamous team 4 admins, who didnt show half the power and determination they had on semifinals to beat the most stacked team in paper (having the 2 best players of the league should be champ worthy, but guess they like to shit the bed).

In the second map, BlueVember, you could already feel the frustration on the Black Man's Bucket squad by losing the first map and that caused the teamwork going down the toilet for this team, as KFC had the game winning tele BEFORE TDM, but in a lack of organization and coordination TDM managed to also make a game winning tele and take it with what is the most important thing in this game: Teamwork

So after 2 months of competitive siege, rage, complaints, celebrations and braindamage, THE DREAMDRUNK MONKEYS have been crowned the MLSG III champions, congratulations

Moderated By: MLSG Siege Admins

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