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Wed April 21th @ 9:00 PM EST
All times in EST.
  Match Recap

Apollo-dio- @ Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:44 pm
Gothic was the first map to be played. Both teams had good and stacked lineups, and we all knew this was gonna be interesting. The match was very tight, and pretty even. DBL was ahead most of the time, but only for 3 to 6 frags. With 4 minutes left, a game bug got sticked to Hoss, causing him to automatically grab
all belts. Map finished with a victory for DBL by 1 frag, but since the belt bug shit happened, we decided map needed to be replayed (there was no intention on exploiting the bug, so rule 3.04 or 3.05 would have been too drastic). One of the automatic belts saved Hoss' life, and that alone was the frag difference, so it wasn't fair to M1. If DBL won by 5 frags, maybe we would have granted them the win, but we decided a replay was fair for both teams.

Ok, so back to starting point. DBL was kinda pissed, M1 was kinda pissed, and they both clicked in real soon and played. Not only the incident got into DBL's heads, but also Castor's computer got fucked up and froze several times, and M1 left no margin for mistakes. Zabos was keeping his efficiency high by sniping the shit out of everbody on sight, and liquidz kept his area secured. This helped m1 mantain a clear advantage and beat DBL by like 24 frags. Final score was 71-47. MVP for first try (eventhough it didn't count) goes to Castor, who played really smart first map, and had top efficiency and score. For 2nd try the MVP goes to Wally, because he ran around the map blowing shit up, using the most appropiate weapon for each occasion.

Second map was Turbine, and it started with M1 having amp. This situation kept happening through the entier map. Wally had a good control over amp, and along with his flaking skillz and a great efficiency, blocked DBL's fragging power. Castor kept pulling his team ahead, having a very high frag count and an acceptable efficiency. Hoss helped his team a lot too, but having not only a pretty decent frag count, but also a great efficiency. On the other hand, Liquidz showed he is an extremely solid player, and along with Wally, he was the solid base for M1. De`pain surprised me, he kept using enforcers and piston, and in one occasion he complained about FPSs, so the only explanation I can find is that his computer was fucked, or that server sucked for him. After 10 minutes of playing, scores were tied, and eventhough de`pain kept dying for like 8 minutes, and using weak weapons, he managed to show he is de`pain, and when he woke up definitevely blocked DBL, keeping a stable 10-frags difference. Now we all know 10 frags is not too much, so it all came down to last 2 amps, first one was for DBL, and didn't really make a difference. Last one was for de`pain, and he just took out a guy with belt, and a few more, sealing the score that resulted in a win for M1: 124-116.
I have to say, MVP was..... Wally. An honorable mention goes to Castor and Liquidz, because they showed they are extremely solid players, but Wally kept showing the world that he knows how to use the right weapon for each occasion, alternating sniper, rockets, flak and ripper (and goo, when he wants to teamkill liquidz).

Demos: http://www.clan-dioscuri.com/dbl-vs-m1-semifinal.zip

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