UT Capture the Flag IV
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Team Happy Birthday
-vs- Element
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brutal @ Sunday, August 8th (10pm EST)
All times in EST.
  Match Recap

Psycho @ Sat Jul 23, 2005 11:37 am
This is off the top of my head, if things aren't EXACT, deal with it. :) I wasn't here for the first map as I was at a cookout so I'm only going to recap gauntlet.


Ale\Weegie Hubbs - O | Ballz Mavz - D | Trip - Outside D
Cooltown Bretzky - O | NANM KFC - D | Guybrush - Outside D

I actually thought element would win this since, they beat HTBD on it, and HTBD beat HB on this map.

Element's set up wasn't as good as HB's which may have caused the loss. Trip was more camping the portal instead of standing more towards the entrance of low which may have been the more ideal position. Ballz and Mavz did pretty good, but didn't use the right weapons for base D. On the other hand HB played defense very wisely. Guybrush stood outside near the goo and shocked people as they were coming in, NANM was in the base with flak, and KFC was also in the base with mini or flak, this made is hard for Element to do a whole lot especially with Ale's ping.

Ballz defends? I AM IMPRESSED! :)

KFC on a tear with rox.

Mavz waits for Bretzky to come to give him the old telefrag dance.

On offense, Bretzky was trying to piston before he went through the portal so he would end up more towards the sniper, which is good, but he only pulled it off a few times. Cooltown was more for the balls out runs and cherry picking, which is another good gauntlet strat. On the otherside, Hubbs could get out but often times get shut down before he got to his base. Ale looked like he was having troubles and obviously element thought the same as weegie came in mid-map for him.

Hubbs gets shoxed near his base entrance.

At the beginning it looked as though my vision was coming to life as Element capped relatively quickly, and then soon after HB also capped. For a while the map was just 1-1 with lots of grabs and no one really getting very far. Once again Mavz shows his Telefragging skills by telefragging them as they try and come up the elevator to stop a few caps. Bretzky makes a distraction for Cooltown, who on his run makes it all the way back to his own base and gets killed, but its picked up by NANM who makes a quick cap. Bretzky is cherry picking of course and they bring home again and get another cap. Just like that it 3-1 in HB's favor. Bretzky and Cooltown keep this up for a few more caps to where its 6-1, but Element fired back with a cap by Ballistic (I think) who had started making some grabs when his team was losing by a few caps. It's hard to remember all of the flag runs and the one that capped, so im gonna say watch the demo if you REALLY want to know hehe. At the end it seemed Element lacked in their defense but were pulling together and playing more as a team, except there was not enough time left to keep up their stride. Ends up being 9-4 with some solid defense from HB.

Guybrush protects a fallen flag dropped by Cooltown.

NANM shoots his flak with pride.

Happy Birthday wins 9-4
Props to: Ballz and Cooltown and Guybrush

Moderated By: MLUT

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