UT Team Deathmatch III
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-vs- Lofts By Bill's Brother
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Sunday November 7th @ 8:30 PM
All times in EST.
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fear- @ Fri Nov 05, 2004 7:17 pm     
Predicted Winner: Lofts By Bill's BrotherIntensity Factor:
Team .com

At the beginning of this season, this team was a possible canidate for winning it all, and they didnt disappoint their fans. They have played real well and with a line up of a strong 4 and enough depth to even 6 or 7 players, this team wont be easy to take down. Wally, depain, zlich (a big factor), heqqr is the 4 i see here, with enough depth for back up. Zlich is the big question mark here, even though his team can put up a good fight without him, with him present, his team will have a much better chance of winning it. The key to this match will be who plays real well, wally and depain can do it for .com. These two vets need to play their best and need to carry their team. Depain has been doing real well this season and so has wally.


With the new addition of duffman and durron to this team, added to hoss, castor, and imperium, this team has become real strong. The thing that differes here from .com is their 3rd and 4th players. All 4 of the players on this team are experienced TDMers, who know the game real well. This is why i see LBBB winning it. Hoss has been doing real well and can do some real damage, along with his buddy castor. The 2 D's duffman and durron, can play just as well has hoss n castor. These two did real well in the previous match. And the CTFer imperium, has real potential, and hes a little underestimated. Imperium can frag real well, and sometimes hes just on, and he needs to be in this match. LBBB has just too much depth and experience, and even with depain and wally, i see .com losing this one in 2 or 3 maps.


LBBB's pick:

Pressure: Dio owns at pressure, and hoss and castor are their two top players. .com doesnt really know pressure as well has LBBB, and i think LBBB's best bet is this map which i am sure they will pick, and should win it with ease.

.com's pick:

Tempest: .com's team does extremely well at tempest. Tempest is one of wallys best map and depain does extremely well here also. This will be the toughest map, becasue LBBB is good on tempest as well. I dont see this one going to a tb, i think LBBB will take it in 2 or who knows. If it does go to a tb, Deck will be a real good match up, neither team has players that do real well on deck.


Winner of this match looses to taint in 3 maps in the finals.
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