UT Team Deathmatch III
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.com -vs-
Taint Bill's Brother
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Hoss` @ Wednesday November 10th @8:30PM
All times in EST.
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Hoss` @ Thu Nov 11, 2004 12:11 pm
.com vs. Taint Bill's Brother

MLUT: Finals

Great games to both teams. I'm not going to do one of my awesome old school recaps because I don't think it's really worth my time as so few people are probably going to read this or care. A quick recap of what happened though....


Server: Area 51 Chicago Hangar Server

Turbine was all de`pain. He showed that he came to play and hoped to win this thing as we all knew he would. He started this map out dominating and I think he grabbed every single invisisiblity the whole game. His control was just too much. If you want a script on how to play turbine, watch the demo from his point of view. Some of the best play I've seen in a long time. Wally played a solid game as did the other two memebers of .com. tb2 dug themselves into a hole early on and just could never climb back out. They did close things up at some points and made it interesting to watch and wonder if they could come back but they were never able to.

Turbine Demo


Server: Area 51 Chicago Hangar Server

Curse started off pretty close with depain owning in the first few minutes and .com hopping out to the early lead once again. Control of the top was taken back over by tb2 lead by rake a few minutes later. He was the only person I felt consistenly held the top, the rest of his team moved around too much, but they still were able to lead the way through this one. Fear played a really good game on this one as well. The control and fragging ability of tb2 showed on this map and they were able to hold down all of .com.

Curse Demo


Server: Area 51 Chicago Hangar Server

I don't remember tempest ever being close. tb2 was the one who hopped out to early lead this time instead of .com. .com did make an early shot at coming back and got within a few points after about 4 minutes went by. At that point fear and the rest of tb2 started to get control and the rest is history. Fear finally got his dominating...only it was actually unstoppable this time. It never ended though, time ran out when he was a few precious frags away from godlike. And thank god for that, cuz we would never hear the end of that one :P

Tempest Demo


Server: Area 51 Chicago Hangar Server

I think by this time after tb2's early lead .com's confidence was out the window. tard.com...i mean wallyfsu.com started to run around with piston when there was about 10 minutes left and his team was losing by ~40 points. Depain wasn't done at this point though. Him and the rest of the team started to kick things in gear and actually made it respectable in the end. Things could have been very close perhaps ifwally didnt screw off for a few mins, but I still think tb2 had the control to finish out the map and the comback never really had a chance at that point. This map was controlled by solidus more than anyone.

Liandri Demo

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