UT Capture the Flag VI
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Star Ocean -vs-
American Crime Syndicate
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m3ss @ Thursday, February 10 @ 10pm EST
All times in EST.
  Match Recap

@ Thu Feb 10, 2005 11:54 pm
ggs to ACS, just uploading some pics. I apologize about my 'shifty' starting 5, it's pretty well explained here in my pm to m3ss...

[11:28:20] cort: Cinco got picked up by another team and couldn't play for us...Cronicle had to pick up his girlfriend, Cooltown had class, shard had a fraternity meeting, Mw couldn't play because he already played for g7 in round 4, hell even NegativePi went to bed because she broke her toe today. just my lucky day for UT right? ;)
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