UT Capture the Flag VIII
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Vortex -vs-
The League of Shadows
[5]  31.3%31.3%31.3%31.3%68.8%68.8%68.8%68.8%  [11]
Thursday, July 14 @ 10:00 PM
2[1] Gauntlet6
1[5] Lucius2
All times in EST.
  Match Predictions

Weegie @ Thu Jul 14, 2005 5:21 pm     
 Intensity Factor:

Nova^ – Despite seemingly not being very active, Nova proved to be a very apt cornerstone for Vortex’s defense against Chernobyl. While Nova^ might not make show-stopping plays, he is the most consistent player on Vortex’s starting defensive line.

Imperium – While Vortex was able to win without their most expensive player last week vs. a good looking Chernobyl squad, I don’t think they will be able to pull off the same feat this week. Vortex will need Imperium to show with his 300 life and frag anyone who tries to touch Racer so that Vortex may have Ultranova on defense.

Psycho – As long as his ping is stable, Psycho definitely plays beyond his price. He has a vicious sniper that is a pain to run against on open maps. Two things though that sometimes haunt Psycho though are his poor ping to Texas servers as well his tendency to stand back and shoot EFC’s. He must be sure that the enemy offense is forced to kill him if they are going to make it out of his base.

Racer|MsR – My boy Racer is proving to be worth the first pick that Nova^ spent on him. His speed oriented running game gets flags out of the enemy base guaranteed whether the map is Lucius or Gauntlet. All Racer will need is for his defense to prevent him from being cut off by the enemy offense in the middle and for some solid sealage.

Shlong – Probably under-priced as he is a competent replacement, but Shlong starting is definitely weaker than the top five this Vortex squad has to offer. However, Shlong will hold his position forcing enemy offense to kill him before leaving his team’s base. Unfortunately for Shlong though, I don’t expect Face to be played.

Smurf – Underrated CML player who is a decent fragger and knows how to play CTF. He filled in perfectly and held his own in Vortex’s upset of Chernobyl last week. I’m sure he’d be happy to play this week as well if needed.

Ultranova|^ – Ultranova’s price continues to rise and I’m sure it will next season as well. In Vortex’s last match he proved to everyone that he is capable of running offense against some of the best defenders (Hubbs and Sab0tage), a skill of his which few knew about. Ultranova is a smart defender and great fragger and if he performs well it will definitely give his team a chance to win.

[RNA]Systematic – I have never seen this TDMer play. He is the older brother of Cameltoe and Cameltoe claims that Systematic is a better fragger than he is so if Systematic knows how to use the translocator he’d probably be a solid third defender.

{PSX}Jadakiss – While Jadakiss shares the tag that some of the better UT players of today have in their locker, he does not share their CTF prowess. Jadakiss is an offensive player but since he does not pack an arsenal of cheese or fragging ability under his belt he is not an effective runner in MLCTF. If Vortex is forced to send Jadakiss on offense with Racer the situation could get ugly.
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