UT Capture the Flag IX
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The Covenant
-vs- Jump 'n' Flak
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Cinco @ Sunday, September 25 @ 9:00 PM
All times in EST.
  Match Recap

Cinco @ Sun Sep 25, 2005 10:28 pm
Map 1 - Gauntlet

This map was close for the first 5 minutes or so, then the Covenant started capping and had blue's flag for a majority of the rest of the map. Weegie and Ultranova's in-base defense was too much for blue's offense, as they had a total of 53 collective flag kills. That combined with Fuze's 11 flag kills and 4 seals allowed Mancer and KillerHurtz to return with 5 flags for caps. Met picked up a dropped flag by NANM/Royal Flush to give Jump N Flak its solo cap.

Player of the Map goes to: Weegie, who had a deadly 58 frags, 31 flag kills, and 2 covers, giving him 210 points.

Map 2 - McSwartzly

Again, this map started off somewhat even until (C) gained their momentum. NANM and Kaz's 54 frags each (the map high) weren't enough to stop the Mancer/Fuze combination on offense, who made coordinated runs with good cover. NANM gave JnF its solo cap, running one back unassisted.

Player of the Map goes to: Mancer, who had 22 grabs, 2 covers, 4 flag kills, and all 3 of (C)'s caps for a total of 111 points.

Map 3 - Terra

This map was surprisingly close, even going into overtime for more than a few minutes with a 1-1 score. It appeared (C) would take this map easily after Mancer capped their first flag, but then Met` responded with a cap of his own. In overtime, Weegie picked up a flag dropped by Mancer near the blue entrance to clinch a Covenant win for both the map and the finals.

GGs and good seasons to both teams.
Moderated By: MLUT

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