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grifter @ December 21 @ 9pm
All times in EST.
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grifter @ Mon Dec 22, 2003 1:14 am
Unfortunately, what would have been an exciting final matchup was clouded by a dissapointing showing from Here To Win. After 45 minutes in the server, U+Me requested a map forfeit if .htw. failed to show within 5 minutes. The forfeit request was granted 10 minutes after the request as Here To Win was unable to field a team within the designated period.


Here to Win
Defense: Herbal, Vinas
Mid: Mafic
Offense: Durron, NiKoN

Defense: Calculus, Elmo
Mid: Pineapple
Offense: Drew, Ruffryder (NANM subbed in for Julian mid-map)

Bollwerk was dictated by both teams' offensive games. Drew showed up to play and dominated the powerups, complemented by RuffRyder to make a very effective 1-2 punch. .htw.'s offense was stagnant, with a shaky showing from Durron and ineffectual running by NiKoN against U+Me's well coordinated defense. Drew had a hand in the first cap of the game, which went to U+Me. His next two caps were even more spectacular, including one which was completed in under 20 seconds with an impressive array of PBJ's. .htw. seemed discombobulated all map and never synced their offense to provide a real threat against Calc and Elmo's strong defense. U+Me's cohesion would be a recurring theme in this match.


Here To Win:
Defense: Herbal, Mafic, Vinas
Offense: Durron, NiKoN

Defense: Calculus, Robust, Tal
Offense: Drew, FuzzyLogic (Llama)

Both teams played reasonably conservative gameplans on Terra, which contributed to the low scoring affair. Drew exhibited some creative flag running and kept .htw.'s defense on their toes with some delayed runs. U+Me drew first blood about 5 minutes into the game, but .htw. showed no signs of urgency and continued their stagnant offense, contributing to U+Me's high scoring defensive arrangement. I was dissapointed to see Durron's effort on offense, and his unfocused attempts were shut down by Calc and co. In the end, it was Drew's consistent attacks that proved to overcome .htw. and their morale, resulting in a half-hearted effort on both sides of the field. U+Me's unselfish play, with strong performances from Robust, Tal, and solid support from FuzzyLogic was too much for .htw. to handle.


Drew shows me something new every time I spec him, and his creative style made .htw.'s otherwise solid defense look completely helpless at times. With 4 caps/assists, as well as a spectacular save on Bollwerk that included a last second Ultra Kill, Drew is awarded Finals MVP honors.

Congrats to both teams for particapating in the finals, and great job Calculus for making it this far and winning the whole thing. It should be noted that U+Me played all of their players every time they got a chance, proving that teamwork and a stud like Drew on offense is a lethal combination.
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