UT Capture the Flag XIII
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Joint Chiefs of Hacks
-vs- It Takes Five
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m3ss @ Thursday, Feb. 22 @ 9pm EST
4[3] CTF-Cynosure][LE1051
1[1] CTF-Orbital-LE1020
All times in EST.
  Match Predictions

m3ss @ Thu Feb 22, 2007 8:26 pm     
Predicted Winner: It Takes FiveIntensity Factor:
(6) It Takes 5 vs. (7) Joint Chiefs of Hacks

Well here we are at the last SemiFinals matchup between two teams that pretty much everyone thought would be here. Despite their lack luster standings, these two teams' starting fives are devastating, and this has all of the makings of a great CTF match. We've got the king of hacks vs. the team U-N-I-T-Y. Cheaters vs. Teamers.

First we have Greg's It Takes 5, a team composed almost entirely of aimbotters and then Hedz, the grab machine. This team is exceptional on larger maps where the snipers can control the flow of the game. This team has a pretty top-knotch starting five, but the depth is kind of lacking. They will need to be at full force tonight.

Weegie's team, on the other hand, is pretty much the same old story, same old song and dance with Sumesh. Pick ph34r and lzr, fill out roster with mFw players later. The strategy seems to work however, as it's already bagged him one title and should have gotten him another, but Nova's tweaking ruined their chances. This is a team built on speed and confusion. Expect Weegie to whore powerups and lzr to grab and run/piston as fast as possible back to his base.


Let's face it, Bollwerk is Hedz's best map. His bread and butter, if you will. He can easily get out alone on this map as long as you allow him a chance to pick up the powerups. And with the sniping triad of Ballistic, Sezco, and Goten, I see the joint chiefs having a very difficult time getting the flag out. lzr isn't known as much of a cheeser, and I know for a fact Boll has been out of competitive play in europe for years now. Hedz will run rampant with well-placed support from Goten, while sid plays middle and sez/Balls hold down the flag. Weegie will try to slow down the game by controlling powerups, but Hedz is just too fast on this map.

Prediction: 5 wins 4-2


So of course Weegie is going to pick a euromap. It's worked for him so far right? Well this is probably his best bet, as it is one of lzr's best maps, and one that doesn't require him to frag very much to get out of the base. I expect to see strong performances from both ph34r and Weegie on defense here, with lzr coming up big on the attack. This isn't exactly a sniper heavy map, except in the flag room, but lzr is well experienced in running against heavy sniper defenders. He will have little trouble getting around it. This will most likely be a much faster paced high scoring game, possibly with frequent lead changes. In the end the experience of team euro will win out.

Prediction: Hacks wins 6-4


Orbital Tiebreaker beetches, second best map in existance. This should be a great match, a lot more slower and more deliberate than Revenge, but exciting nonetheless. Weegie and lzr will do well controlling the belt, but even with powerups it will be tough for lzr/khz to outfrag the likes of Balls/sez and get the flag out. Hacks will have to gamble and push up Weegie on offense to add the extra fragging power. This could leave the defense hanging, but luckily Orby is not one of Hedz's strongest maps. However, goten is a great coverman here, who will be the extra power Hedz needs to be successful. Both teams will be playing heavily defensively at this point, not wanting to lose the match. Eventually though, I think the fragging power of BallistiC will take over the game and bring it home for 5.

Prediction: 5 wins 2-1 OT

P.S. I know this wasn't that great of a prediction, but I'm kind of tired and running out of time. Procrastinate till I D-I-E!
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