UT Team Deathmatch I
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The Dick Tators
-vs- Here to beat Wondo
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Dec. 11th, @ 10:30pm
All times in EST.
  Match Recap

|WallyFSU| @ Fri Dec 12, 2003 3:17 am

I would just like to explain what happened in the match.

Unfortunatley for HTBW Zombie and Grifter were not able to make it. Kellen had to make some trades to even get a 4th player. He did pick up durron and were able to fiedl a very competitve team.

HTBW took Conveyor by about 10 frags I don't have a SS for some reason and that is why you don't see any scores :)

TDT took Curse][ in an amazing match. 1 frag victory in overtime. It had a very weird ending and I do not even know how we won.

Edit - Thanks to me killing castor I some how saved the match. Fromt he SS below I killed Castor my teammate and Kellen's flak ball hit his dead body some how. :D

Then apparently Durron had to leave. When that happened HTBW forfeited the final map. TDT was willing to play 4v3 although players have finals and such and wanted to spend time studing.

I feel bad for HTBW for not being able to make it. By following the rules of MLUT the matches are played on scheduled dates and times. I don't want players thinking that because I am/was on TDT that I was being a biased admin so my team could win. Because as you can see I have been dropped because I will not be in town for the finals on Sunday.

GG's to HTBW
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