MLUT Capture The Flag XVII
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Puma -vs-
Daydreams of Hellfire
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Soda @ Tuesday, April 1st @ 10pm EST
All times in EST.
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m3ss @ Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:46 pm     
Predicted Winner: Daydreams of HellfireIntensity Factor:
PUMA vs. Daydreams of Hellfire

Didn't I predict this match already? /me is confused. Apparently the only match worth predicting during the regular season turned out to be the second, and most intriguing, SemiFinals match. Obviously, the most important thing up for grabs is a spot in the MLCTF XVII Finals and a shot at the title, but this match has a lot more on the line than just a ring. This match is all about rivalries, and more importantly, pride. Nexus versus sLYd0gg. Bretbrush versus NecroRadius. shinklefinks versus jbauer2485. Wait, what? Anyways, their first meeting resulted in an action-packed draw, so they've definitely got some unfinished business to attend to. Regardless of the result, we're going to see some fireworks in IRC after these games are over.


The PUMAS are looking as strong as ever, but there may be some questionmarks that can throw a huge monkey-wrench into their titles hopes. Bretzky and Guybrush are both in top form and working together like old times. Bret is still breakin' ankles, hat-tricking aimbotters and Guybrush is still storming castles, double-doubling in middle. sLYd0gg has stepped up his already stellar game as well, learning how to aim and even play Orbital. I haven't seen kidpinz around that much, but I'm sure he's just lurking in the shadows with a fully-loaded amped flak cannon. The questionmark though, is dalton. Where's dalton? I haven't seen him pugging. Where has he gone? Is he playing UT3? Is he molesting 45 year old women? Wherever he is, the PUMAS need him, because I just don't think they can win without him.

Daydreams of Hellfire

Cort's big gambles on Dawn and Blade have paid off in spades, as both of them are active and owning faces. NecroNinja is still interested, and Sonic is really playing lights-out these days, when his ISP isn't shitting on him. And of course, Nexus has been pugging like a madman and talking shit like one too. This is probably the most active and arguably best Top 5 left in the league. They're peaking in the playoffs, which is something Cort's teams tend to do, so anyone wanting to take these guys down had better bring their A-game, or pack it in early.


I heard it on the grapevine that the PUMAS are picking McSwartzly and that cort's picking Texas so sLY has quote "no fucking excuse":

[18:00:19] [sLY] <+cortNOmic> i told you a week ago i'm picking mcshitty <+cortNOmic> i'm picking texas too <+cortNOmic> so you have no fucking excuse

Like I said, this is serious business. sLY hasn't really finished a season of MLCTF yet, and this one is obviously the most promising since he's only a step away from the finals. Cort obviously wants another ring so he can catch up with Met, but better yet, he can have bragging rights over sLYd0gg for decades to come. Bottom line: these guys are swinging for the fences and breaking out everything and the kitchen sink. If the PUMAS are taking McSwartzSLY then Hellfire is most certainly picking CORTbital.


Hellfire won this map pretty easily in their first meeting, so things will most likely go similarly the second time around. Dawn and NecroNinja will keep the flag room locked tigher than a cort's crackhole, and Tim will be an absolute bitch down low on amp patrol. Cort will do his normal floater thing, managing belts and falling back to piss off Bretzky, but the key to this map for DH is Sonic. If his ping stable he should have no trouble getting out on the PUMA defense, especially with cort's help. If Sonic is lagging though, it could spell trouble for the Daydreamers. The PUMAS on the other hand need dalton to show up to have any kind of chance on this map. Guybrush and Bretzky will be able to get some flags out, even on Dawn/NN/Blade, but without dalton to keep the flag at home it will all be for naught. Regardless, I think DH wins this map.
If Dalton Shows: Daydreams of Hellfire wins 1-0
If Dalton's Missing: Daydreams of Hellfire wins 3-0

So sLY's bringout out the big gun McShittSLY for this match, and he gets to play it on Texas to boot. I'm sure he's drooling on his stiffy already. Despite how strong DH has been playing lately, I think the PUMAS got this one. Bretd0gg will run crazy circles around the DH defense once they get going, and of course McGuyverbrush is going to rack up the covers with his disappearing act. Kidpinz will roam around his ramp spamming in various directions while dreaming up new sexy signatures, but the key here again is the dalt-meister. They need him on the flag shuttin' shit down and providing support in middle, otherwise they might be in trouble. The X-factor on this map is obviously Dawn_G, with his overwhelmingly homoerotic bunker spammage he's liable to rack up 150 frags and no stats whatsoever....but it will fuck your game all up. Differing predictions on this one.
If Dalton Shows:PUMAS wins 3-1
If Dalton's Missing:Daydreams of Hellfire wins 2-0.


So depending on whether or not Dalton shows up and my map picks are actually correct, Terra would be the TieBreaker. Both teams will be playing extremely gay on this map, falling back and raging each other into utter insanity forcing this into a late-night 5-hour OverTime after which m3ss will gouge out his eyeballs. A lot of flag runs will be thwarted at the front door and we might need to see a three-thousand pickup flag run to get someone a capture, but dammit we will wait that shit out. In the end, it could be a lucky boost, a well-timed belt-pickup run, or double-amps that decides the map, but it really could go either way. I'm going with my gut on this one and saying that the cort-mahine will prevail and sLYd0gg will headbutt his monitor until he's a vegetable.
Daydreams of Hellfire wins 1-0 in 870 minute OT.

MLUT. We Know Drama. Tune In Tonight on UTV @ 10pm EST.

EDIT: Apparently, I'm retarded and didn't realize cort is picking McShit despite the log I even posted in my own prediction, so most likely PUMAS will take Lavagiant or Gauntlet since DH is taking McShit. I'm too lazy to update the prediction though, so suck it.

P.S. Cort where's my prediction?
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