UT Capture the Flag III
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Team Drew
-vs- The Main Event
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Sun, March 21st @ 10:30 PM EST
3CTF-McSwartzly (McSwartzly Base)1
3CTF-Glacier (Arctic Glacier)4
All times in EST.
  Match Predictions

MarsFiRE @ Sun Mar 21, 2004 1:27 am     
Predicted Winner: The Main EventIntensity Factor:
Wow oh wow, I expected this to be the finals match. And the team that will play either of these teams in the finals will be the underdogs... So the finals will be underdogs vs just the dogs i guess.

I expect TME to choose: Gauntlet
I expect Team Drew to choose: McSwartzly

With durron alone on this map, TME has a good chance of winning. Durron can play anything here and do it well, but I'd say he will play O with the team backing him up. Prodani will assist him and Thriller, Vinas, and Impulse playing D. Team Drew will field Switch, CC, and Fader on D, leaving Drew and Bret to play O. CC's sniper cannot save him on this map which greatly decreases their defense ability. This makes it a lot easier for durron and prod. Expect to see a lot of cherry picking from both sides and some fast caps. If either of these teams plays this map how gauntlet is supposed to be played, they will win. But I'm going to say TME will take this one home.

The only way i see TME winning this is if they kill the snipers, otherwise heads will be flying in the middle and Prodani will have trouble doing his usual mid ownage. Durron and Impulse running O, Prod mid, Ztrak and Thriller D. Drew and Bret O, Fader mid, CC and Switch/Pain on D. Drew will flag drop it a whole hell of a lot, but get stopped by Prod a lot unless he gets taken out by the snipers. Ztrak has a knack for returning the flag on this map and will probably stop them if Prod doesnt. But no one can hold down D forever especially vs Drew. I expect team drew to make a lot of runs and cap about 3 of them while TME gets in a few runs and caps 1 of them.

I doubt Face will be picked... Glacier might be picked but if it's played it will be similar to McS but a lot closer and TME would probably win.

If it comes to this map... It will be the most interesting one of the night. This is a great TB for these 2 teams. Drew will pull off some nasty cheese and although sniper isn't used much and there's not that much ammo for it either... I think this will be team drews best defensive weapon especially for head shotting people as theyre trying to come in low. Prodani and Durron both have a sneaky way of getting into their base on this map so if CC or Pain is gonna snipe them they have to do it quick. This will be a close matchup, but i feel that TME will come out on top maybe 2-1 or 3-2 in OT.
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