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The Chixie Dicks -vs-
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TUE 11/11 @ 9:30pm EST
All times in EST.
  Match Recap

noc @ Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:35 am
tempest, chosen by the chixie dicks, wasn't a blowout but definitely a bit one sided. chavo had some problems and eventually, he left and was nowhere to be found. he was replaced by vertigo, but it was already over. mintek was easily the mvp on tempest.

porn's map, liandri, was a lot closer, even though it didn't look that was for the first 15 minutes. this is what happens when you start feeling too comfortable and stop timing. cd had a big lead but eventually lost it, flux came back and had impressive 66 frags by the end. both vertigo and hellrazor left right before the screenshot.

ps. after thursday's games these screenshots will be combined to show all 4 maps


nitro -

porn's map. already a disappointing start to a playoff match, since we had to play 3v3. mintek/hr didn't show up and cd was left with just 3 players. rusty panic was porn's 4th but he happily gave up his spot so we could play 3v3. nothing to see here, flux being consistent, doing his thing and cd team not finding their mojo.

deck -

if you look at the screenshot, chixie dicks' stats laid down on the crotch is a nice touch indeed, as it was one of the most disappointing games to date. personally i can say that i sucked, but it was more from a "i no longer give a shit" attitude, as my team did not show. i can also say that mostly verging on 45-65 efficiency and 25-50 frags throughout the league is a disappointed for me, not something a $988 player should be proud of.

since the 2-gamer ended with 2 maps for the chixie dicks and 2 for porn, frag-to-death ratio was the tiebreaker and...

2 frags... that's right, 2 frags decided who would play in the final. if we knew this before hand, we wouldn't take it easy on liandri 2 days ago, and we would definitely watch our deaths tonight. but everyone's smart after the fact.

gl to porn in the final
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