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Kaetz's Anal Intervention -vs-
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TUE 11/11 @ 10:30pm EST
All times in EST.
  Match Recap

noc @ Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:21 am
tempest was vendetta's map and it showed. not much to say here besides the fact they had a huge lead and only increased it by the end of the map.

fwtbt was closer..MUCH closer. vendetta had a good run but when khyron lagged out, kai quickly came back. the last 5 minutes was a lot of lead shifting, going a few times to vendetta, and a few times to kai. in the end, vendetta won by 1 frag, as "unknown` inflicted mortal damage upon ninja with the Shock Rifle" in the last second. mvp however goes to sushi who had a solid 60 efficiency with 42 frags. right now, kai has to win both maps and hope for a better frag-to-death ratio or vendetta will be playing in the final match.

ps. after thursday's games these screenshots will be combined to show all 4 maps


2nd semifinal:

curse -

second day brought another super close map. vendetta won just by 1 frag, just like they won ftwbt 2 days earlier. after this map, it was known that vendetta would play in the final match.

deck -

even though deck didn't count, as vendetta won previous 3 maps. it was still pretty interesting. kai seems to have this map in their hands because they always seem to win on deck. bitter sweet ending for kai.

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