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Kill 'Em All
-vs- Schutzstaffel
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Wed, September 02 @ 10:30pm est
All times in EST.
  Match Recap

flux` @ Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:52 pm
KEA's Map Choice: Deck

Your typical deck scenario: Sniper and pit fun! Unfortunately due to connection issues Shutzstaffel's strongest player, noc, was unable to keep much pressure on Kill 'Em All with his well known sniper skills. YourMama, suffering severe ping spikes, did quite a good job evading death in many cases :P but was unable to perform up to par. Noc however was in fact able to pick up the pace mid-game and pull together some quality frags on KEA. In the end Shutzstaffel fell short due to KEA's belt control and seemingly endless sniping.

Shutzstaffel's Map Choice: Curse

Curse, a great map to play, has the potential to become a gory blood bath when two unmatched teams give it all they got. Mintek laid down a nasty performance here. With near flawless belt control, he was able to rack up the frags until reaching and far exceeding a godlike. Dragonwind, a relatively new player to the community decided to try out the freelance strategy with flux and was able to reach a score near his opposing teams highest fragger! With more time and practice we could see this newcomer dishing out full course servings of ownage. Unfortunately YourMama was still experiencing some issues with his connection and nix is quite often a failure when his team needs him to pull through the most. The duty was left to noc alone to try and push the top, but Mintek wasn't letting it happen.

Good Games Shutzstaffel!

Winners: Kill 'Em All
Moderated By: MLTDM XII Admins

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