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Beat That P*ssy Like It Owes Me Money -vs-
Muggle Militia
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mattdjoh @ Wednesday, August 31 @ 9:30 EST
All times in EST.
  Match Recap

mattdjoh @ Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:27 pm
Beat That Pussy Like It Owes Me Money picked Terra, which was played first. NN did a good job of holding down D for over 10 minutes, but once Muggle Militia capped the first one, the flood gates came pouring open. Deca and met kept the pressure on, and both keep and kidsins made some nice pushups to bring their carriers home. I'm sure BTP felt a little burdened by having to play dewsickle and crp on this map, but all credit goes to MM for some nice teamwork and solid execution.

MM picked Bollwerk, but I'm sure they were expecting a closer match with the arrival of m3ss and weirdo, bringing BTP up to their full speed. But it seemed as if BTP were out of sorts from the beginning, and weirdo never really got any traction in this match. Despite having 80% of amps, they could do nothing against the defense of keep and voq. deca was putting his piston to good use flying across mid, and again got some timely backup to bring home 2 caps. met responded in kind with 2 of his own, and kidsins pulled the hero stat of the map with 9 covers and 69% efficiency.

I'm giving MVP for this one to Keep for his exemplary defense, coming damn close to a shutout, while locking down the base for his incoming flag carriers.

NN (and others) dropped out of both maps before the end, so I uploaded the screenshots I had with everyone's stats before they dropped. So the screenshots don't reflect the final scores.

spectator perspective demos:


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