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Balls Deep
-vs- Ghostbusters
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mattdjoh @ Sunday, April 15th @ 9 EST
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mattdjoh @ Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:20 pm     
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Sunday April 15th @ 9 EST

mattdjoh @ Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:20 pm     
Predicted Winner: Balls DeepIntensity Factor:

Lineup: sorn, n1ne, Sonic, Sunny, trav; 6th man: spydee

Previous Map Picks:
Bleak (2-1) Revenge (8-0) Azcanize (3-1) Cynosure (6-0) Arean (4-1)

Balls Deep storms into the Finals having only dropped one map along the way (Week 1 to Lin). They've given up just 6 caps in 10 maps, while scoring 35 (85% eff). Their lineup has been fairly consistent, though they've been without the services of Sonic since Week 2. If Sonic shows for the finals, expect him to run O with n1ne. Sorn will have two main responsibilities: playing the role of primary support and being the last line of defense. This lineup would allow Sunny and trav to play D. If Sonic doesn't play, trav will likely play O on most maps with spydee subbing in for defense.

It's hard to say what maps they will choose to pick against the Ghostbusters. A lot of their favorite maps are also favored by their opponent, so they might opt for a map like Bollwerk, Terra, or Glacier which GB is unlikely to pick and may not be as strong on.

Balls Deep are certainly the favorites going in to the Finals, as they've looked dominant through most of this tournament. Their offense will have its work cut out for themselves against the likes of Lemon, while their defense will have to deal with the constant grabbing of Hedz and the great support provided by nomike and Paetaulik. It's an absolute necessity that sorn and n1ne control the powerups for this match, because allowing their opponents to come in to the base stacked up could spell disaster. The only problem for this squad heading into the Finals is that they haven't really been tested since Week 1, and they *might* lose their composure if they drop a closely contested map early on. At least that's what the Ghostbusters will be hoping.

Lineup: Paetaulik, Lemon, ballistic, nomike, Hedz; 6th man: BigV

Previous Map Picks:
Ranel (4-1) Revenge (2-1) Arean (3-2) Terra (2-1) Bollwerk (0-2) Arean (3-2)

Ghostbusters proved themselves worthy of this Finals appearance by dispensing a tough Lin team in the Semifinals in epic fashion. They fought their way back on AreaN after going down 2-0 with about 7 minutes remaining, winning 3-2 in overtime. After dropping Bleak, they absolutely dominated on Revelation, taking 81% of the shieldbelts in a 2-0 win. While not as efficient as Balls Deep, their overall map record stands at a respectable 9-4, and their overall cap spread is 30-18 (63%).

Ballistic has been their least reliable player, and it's still unclear if he can show up on time to the finals. But BigV has been clutch when he's had to step into the lineup, providing mulitple key saves and clutch pickups. So as long as Lemon shows up, their lineup will be fine either way. Hedz and nomike have proved to be a potent offense, though not always in complete sync with each other, and Paetaulik has been a monster in this tournament, doing a little bit of everything for his team.

It's unclear what maps they will pick in this match, but I feel like they don't have quite as much latitude as BD in making their choice. Paetaulik, though capable on all maps, much prefers to play the euro-style ones, which could haunt them against a player like sorn.

Though underdogs in this Final, I feel like they have a strong chance to pull out their map picks and send this thing to a tiebreaker. There, it would be anyone's game. Their defense hasn't faced an offense as dynamic as BD's could be at all this tournament, but I feel they will hold relatively well with Lemon and ballistic/V. The key to this match for the Ghostbusters is offensive unity; they must make coordinated grabs AND have good cover waiting at mid. Even though they're great at comebacks, they can't afford to give up early caps against BD, because that has proved too great a hole to dig out of for everyone in this tournament.

Prediction: Balls Deep in 4
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