I. Tournament Layout

There will be ten teams of 7 players. No team can have more or less than 7 players at any time. Captains can trade players from the FA pool and from other teams until playoffs begin, after that the rosters will be locked.

II. Captains

Captains are in charge of naming and organizing their team. They are also in charge of contacting admins for assistance with scheduling, trades and other league related activities. Captains are responsible for choosing maps for their matches and providing screenshots of their matches to the admins. Admins will be responsible for server allocation (there are limited servers for matches, active pugs, etc. And the admins will decide what matches are played on what server based on preference. All servers are in the same location so there should be minimal issues).

III. Hold Out Rule

If a player decides to hold out on their team they will be traded into the FA pool for a player of the captains consent, and will no be able to be picked up until after the next week's matches have been played. (This is an alternative to the salary capped version of hold-out players having doubled salaries).

IV. Schedule

The matches will be held on Sundays, prescheduled by the admins, and the schedule will be posted each week. As of right now matches for Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 3rd) are CANCELLED and will be held the next Sunday (Feb 10th)

Season I Maplist:


V. Map Picking

Each map can only be chosen ONCE by each team during the regular season. Example: If Team A picks Campgrounds in the first round, they can not pick that map again until the playoffs in the event they make it there. Once playoffs begin all teams that make it that far will be allowed to pick any map.

VI. Match Rules

For each match two maps will be played - one chosen by each team's captain. There will be no tie-breaker maps until the playoffs begin. The team listed first on the site's schedule will play their map first. At the point one team has four players in the server, on the delegated map choice and ready, a ten minute timer will begin via admin control. If the other team has not entered and readied before the timer is up, a forfeit for that map will be given to the ready team.

The semi-final round of the playoffs will be a best of three (3) maps with each team choosing one (1) map from the entire maplist. The higher seeded team's map will be played first. The tiebreaker will be decided in the following manner: Each captain, meeting on IRC with an admin, will take turns eliminating maps from the list of unplayed maps until one map remains. The lower seeded team will choose the first map to be eliminated.

The final round of the playoffs will be a best of five (5) maps with each team choosing two (2) maps from the entire maplist. The higher seeded team's map selections will be played first and then third on the lower seeded team's. Above tiebreaker rules apply.

VI. Cheating - All previous MLUT cheating rules apply. Recording demos is mandatory. Each player will start demorec at the beginning of each and every match in efforts to secure league integrity. If there is suspicion that a person is using extraneous software to gain an advantage, they will be prompted by admins for a demo of the match(es) in question. If they did not record one and/or refuse to provide a demo they will be suspended from MLUT play until further notice by an admin.

VII. Point Format

Each match will consist of two (2) maps, one chosen by each team. Each map win is worth 3 points, each map loss worth 1 point and each forfeit is worth 0. For playoff seeding, in the event of a tie the team who has the least map forfeits will have the higher seed. If both teams had an equal number of map forfeits, the team who recorded the least amount of map losses will have the higher seed. Should both teams have an equal number of map losses, the team that won the head-to-head matchup will have the higher seed. If the teams tied, the team with the fewest Divisional map losses will have the higher seed. If the teams have the same number of Divisional map losses, the team with the higher efficiency [ PF / (PF + PA) ] will have the higher seed.

VIII. Player Inactivity

If a player misses two (2) consecutive matches, a captain may contact an admin with an inactivity request. The player will be removed from the league and will not be placed back into the free agent pool. Captains are encouraged to exercise this option only as a last resort to resolving the issues with the player or through free agent or inter-team trading. All actions will be handled based on available evidence and league queries.

IX. Aliasing

A player may not use multiple identities over the course of the season. The name a player uses must be identical to that tracked by the admins and the alias they signed up as. If at any time a player refuses to use the name they signed up with when asked by an admin to change it during a match, they will be denied permission to play. Repeated offences will result in a player being suspended from play for the rest of the season.

If a team wishes to alter their names as part of their tag or team 'theme', they may contact an admin to discuss a solution that is fun but still clearly shows who every player on the team is.

X. Ringing

Using a ringer (a player not on your eligible roster, who is generally posing as an eligible player) is a serious offence. Using a ringer will result in the offending player, as well as any captains or co-captains present, being banned indefinitely. In addition, the team will forfeit the maps in question and be disqualified from play for the remainder of the season.

XI. Game Bugs

Exploiting any game, engine, or map bugs is illegal and will get you suspended from league play. If it is found to be a calculated exploit the entire team may be punished and forfeit the map in question.

XII. Captain Replacement

Should a team be unhappy with their team captain, they may hold a team vote of non-confidence to remove him. If four or more players on a team agree to the removal of a captain, the captain will be removed from the league and possibly banned. The team will then vote on a new captain from among their roster. Should a captain not take his or her duties seriously, he may be removed from his position as captain by the league and may face suspension. This is a game but take your team seriously.

XIII. Administrative Powers

All MLCTF admins have the power to make any changes to information on the MLUT website. (please have patience for changes) Should a captain or player notice any mistakes, he or she may contact an admin. Should a captain, player or other admin feel that an admin is abusing their power, he or she may file a grievance with another MLCTF admin and a vote will be conducted regarding the topic.
Moderated By: TAM Admins

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