UT Capture the Flag VII
1. League Rules
1.1 League Format
The seventh edition of Major League Capture the Flag will be a season format and feature a single-elimination playoff round. There will be two (2) divisions, both containing seven (7) teams. The regular season for the league will see each team play every other team in its division once and one interdivisional game. Each "game" consists of two maps and no tiebreaker.
1.2 League Point Format
Teams will be awarded three (3) points for a map win, one (1) point for a map loss and zero (0) points for a map forfeit loss. Therefore, a team who wins a match (defined as winning both maps) receives six (6) points, a team who ties a match (defined as winning one map and losing one map) receives four (4) points, a team who loses a match (defined as losing both maps) receives two (2) points, and a team who forfeits a match (defined as losing both maps via forfeit) receives zero (0) points. If a team forfeits only one of two maps, they may receive one (1) point or three (3) points, depending on their performance in the other map.

The four (4) teams with the most points at the end of the regular season in each division will advance to the playoffs.

In the event of a tie, the team who has recorded the most game wins (not map wins) will advance. Should both teams have an equal number of game wins, the team that won the head-to-head matchup between both teams will advance. If the teams had split, they will play a 1 map playoff on a random map determined by the admins.

Should your team be eliminated on points prior to your fourth round matchup, it is highly recommended that you play that match out anyway, letting your underused players play it if the regulars are too 'proud' to play it.
1.3 Playoff Format
The playoffs will feature a single elimination bracket between the eight (8) top ranking teams in the league. The eight (8) teams will be seeded based on their performance during season play. The matches will then break down as follows:

Teams are denoted as follows:
(1) 1st Place :: Division 1 --- (2) 1st Place :: Division 2
(3) 2nd Place :: Division 2 --- (4) 2nd Place :: Division 1
(5) 3rd Place :: Division 2 --- (6) 3rd Place :: Division 1
(7) 4th Place :: Division 1 --- (8) 4th Place :: Division 2

1 __
8   \__
     __/   \
3 __/       |
6           |
4 __        |
5   \__     |
2 __/

The quarter- and semi-final matchups will feature a best-of-three format, whereas the final round matchup will feature a best-of-five format.

During the quarter- and semi-finals, each team will choose one (1) map from the complete maplist for this MLCTF season. Teams may only choose a map ONCE during the quarter- AND semi-final matches. That is to say, a team cannot choose the same in both their quarter- and semi-final matches. The tiebreaker for each of those rounds will be a pre-determined map for all matches. The teams will play the FIRST map on the tiebreaker list that was NOT chosen by either team in their match.

During the final round, each team will choose two (2) maps from the complete maplist for this MLCTF season, including maps they chose in their previous playoff matchups. The third, fourth (if necessary), and fifth (if necessary) maps are pre-determined.
1.4 Color Choice
During all matches, the team that has not chosen the map to be played is allowed to choose color. For example, if Team A selects the map, Team B has the choice of color on that map.

During the quarter- and semi-final rounds, the choice of color for the tiebreaker maps is granted to the higher seeded team.

During the final round, the choice of color for the third, fourth, and fifth maps is granted to the higher seeded team.
2. MLCTF Match Information
During each round of the regular season, there will be a pre-determined map list. Each team selects one map from this list as their map choice for that match. The opposing team has the choice of color on that map. There are no tiebreakers during the regular season. Teams are not required to disclose their map choice until the time of the match, and are encouraged to keep their choice a secret from their opponent. Should both teams choose the same map, they may play that map twice, or may change their picks so that the maps are not the same. If BOTH teams wish to change their map-pick at this time, an admin will perform a coin-flip to determine which team will be allowed to change their pick. However, this may only be done prior to the commencement of play on the first map -- once the match has begun, the second map choice is locked in.

During the Quarterfinal and Semi-final rounds of the playoffs, teams will once again choose one (1) map from the entire maplist, including every round. Teams may only select a certain map ONCE during their quarter- and semi-finals matchups. Should they reach finals, they may once again select that map; however, there will be predetermined tie breakers, as the playoffs are single elimination with a best of three (3) map format. The teams will play the FIRST map on the tiebreaker list that was NOT chosen by either team in their match.

The final round of the playoffs consist of five (5) maps, with each team choosing one (1) map (the team having the highest total points in the regular season getting the first map pick), and (1) pre-chosen tiebreaker. The teams will play the FIRST map on the tiebreaker list that was NOT chosen by either team in their match.

:: Round 1 ::

:: Round 2 ::

:: Round 3 ::

:: Round 4 ::

:: Round 5 ::

:: Round 6 ::

:: Round 7 ::

:: Quarterfinals ::
Team1 Choice
Team2 Choice
TB1: CTF-Orbital-LE102
TB2: CTF-Terra-LE102
TB3: CTF-Schmydro

:: Semifinals ::
Team1 Choice
Team2 Choice
TB1: CTF-Orbital-LE102
TB2: CTF-Terra-LE102
TB3: CTF-Glacier-CE105

:: Finals ::
Team1 Choice
Team2 Choice
Team1 Choice
Team2 Choice
TB1: CTF-Orbital-LE102
TB2: CTF-Terra-LE102
TB3: CTF-NovemberCE105
TB4: CTF-Ranel-JoltEdition
TB5: CTF-K-Lined-SE
2.2 Match Scheduling
All matches are prescheduled by the MLCTF staff, and dates and times will be posted on the MLCTF website. Server selection will be from a list of pre-approved servers, and is covered under section 2.4 Servers. If a team cannot field an adequate lineup consisting of five (5) legal players at match time, they will be subject to a forfeit loss. The specific rules for a forfeit loss due to a lack of players are enumerated under sections 2.2a through 2.2e.
2.2a Forfeit Loss - Match Time - Double Forfeit
If neither team can field a team of five (5) players fifteen (15) minutes after the designated start match time, both teams receive a forfeit loss for both maps, neither team receiving any points.
2.2b Forfeit Loss - Match Time - 15 Minutes
If Team B cannot field a team of five (5) members fifteen (15) minutes after Team A has provided five (5) members, provided that it is after the designated match start time, Team B forfeits their map pick and Team A receives points for the win.
2.2c Forfeit Loss - Match Time - 25 Minutes
If Team B cannot field a team of five (5) members twenty-five (25) minutes after Team A has provided five (5) members, provided that it is after the designated match start time or arrival of an admin, whichever is later, Team B forfeits Team A's map pick and Team A receives points for the win.
2.2d Forfeit Loss - Match Time - Between Maps
If neither team can field a team of five (5) players within ten (10) minutes of the completion of a map, both teams receive a forfeit loss for both maps, neither team receiving any points.
2.2e Forfeit Loss - Match Time - Between Maps
If, between maps, Team B cannot field a team of five (5) members ten (10) minutes after Team A has fielded five (5) members, and all five (5) members of Team A signal their presence, Team B forfeits the map and Team A is awarded points for a map win.
2.3 Connections
MLCTF VII is an open ping event, and as such, nearly all connections are accepted and legal. However, a person cannot be on a LAN (local-area network) with the server. Any players found to be in violation of this rule will be suspended from league play until further notice, and the team in question will forfeit both maps for the match in question.
2.4 Servers
Each team's map selection shall be played on the other team's server selection. However, teams are encouraged to play on the server that presents the best ping for both teams. These servers have been verfied as meeting with MLCTF standards beforehand and will be the only servers used for this event. These, and only these servers will be used for the event.

MLCTF VII Approved Servers:

1. RipZownV2.0 (Chicago): unreal://

2. CTFPug (Chicago): unreal://

3. The Oblivion (Texas): unreal://

4. The SWINE Spot (Texas): unreal://

During playoff tiebreakers, the server choice is given to the higher-seeded team; however, we encourage the fairest server to be chosen for both teams.
2.5 Game Settings
No Redeemer, CB12, SmartCTF v4, AntiTimer v3,
AntiTweak v3.4, BDBMapVote3.04, MODOSUtilsV25, DeluxeChatV4
Server Actors:
UTPureRC7C, NoTossWeaponSwitch, iMMC
Max Team Score: 0
Time Limit: 20 minutes
Weapons Stay: On
Tournament: On
Max Teams: 2
Friendly Fire: 0%
Game Style: Hardcore
Game Speed: 100%
Air Control: 35%
Translocator: On
Bots: Off
Powerups: On

INI Tweaks

MaxClientRate=   // Range of 10000 - 20000

The Tickrate Independant Weapons modification will be running on MLUT servers. Be sure to enable CB12 in the mutators section of your server.

Note: When TIW is enabled you will need to make sure your minigun and pulse binds are changed so they work with it:
Minigun bind: key=switchweapon 7
Pulse bind: key=switchweapon 5

Also, scroll down to the [Engine.PlayerPawn] section of your User.ini file, and change the priority listings as follows (this is an example; change to match your current priority)


The AntiTimer v3 Mutator will be running on MLCTF servers. Be sure to enable this mutator in the mutators section of your server.

The SmartCTF v4 Mutator will be running on MLCTF servers. Be sure to enable this mutator in the mutators section of your server.

BDBMapVote3.04 is only required if the admin doesn't wish to give out webadmin AND is not going to be available to configure the server maps for matches. Please be sure to allow kick voting in the event we need to kick someone from the server to start the match.

MODOSUtilsV25 is required only if an admin is not available to start a server-side demo of matches. If you may not be around to start server-side demos, please enable Auto Demo Recorder using this mutator and give MLCTF VII admin(s) the password to start the demo.

Server Actors:

UTPureRC7C is required for match play. Server ini settings for UTPureRC7C are as follows:


NoTossWeaponSwitch (anti-FWS) is required for match play.

Mod Menu Checker (iMMC) is required for match play. Download and use this iMMC.ini

It is the responsibility of both the admin and the players to ensure that all the settings are correct prior to starting the match. Once both teams have clicked in they have agreed to the current settings and no map can be replayed due to settings that are in conflict with those on the rules page.
2.6 Player Eligibility
A player is only allowed to play for the team that he is listed with on the MLCTF website. Teams are allowed to make any legal changes to their roster on the night of a match up until the first map has commenced play, so that they may field a roster. Once a match has begun, however, the rosters for the involved teams are locked until the completion of all maps in their matchup.

Should a team be found to be using a ringer or banned player, that team will forfeit the maps in question and be disqualified from the tournament, the ringer/banned player and any captains or co-captains present will be banned indefinitely, and any other players present and playing on that team during the maps in question will be banned for one full season.
3. MLCTF Team Rules
3.1 Captain Selection
Captains will be selected from a list of applicants by the admininstrators. Captains will be required to:

a) Name their team.
b) Vote on captain topics in the captains forum.
c) Produce an ordered ranking of the players to the best of their ability/participate in ranking night.
d) Draft a competitive team to the best of their abilities.
e) Assign an assistant captain to handle captain duties when they are not available.
f) Maintain the teams roster.
g) Set lineups for each map (if both the captain and the assistant captain are unavailable, it is up to the player present with the highest salary).
h) Provide scores/screenshots for their matches to the admins, so that they may post them on the site.
i) Provide demo's/screenshots/server logs/evidence of any wrong-doing, cheating, etc. that occurs in a match that their team participates in. If something occurs and the accusing team can supply no evidence, the accusation will be ignored
3.2 Captain Replacement
Should a team be unhappy with their team captain, they may hold a team vote of non-confidence to impeach him or her. If six (6) or more players on a team agree to the removal of a captain, the captain will be removed from the team roster as well as his or her captain position. The player with the highest salary on the team will then become captain, or he or she may denote another player to fulfill the role of captain.

Should a captain choose to leave his or her team at any time, this will be treated as a player holdout (see below), and a new captain can be designated by the team. Should the team be unable to choose, the administrators will elect a player as captain of the team.

Should a captain be unable or unwilling to provide an ordered ranking of the players, he or she will be removed from their position and replaced by another captain.

Should a captain not take his or her duties seriously, he or she may be removed from his or her position as captain, pending an admin vote, and a suitable replacement will be appointed.

Should the admins deem necessary, a captain may also be removed for a reason that may not be covered in these examples, pending an admin vote.
3.3 Team Creation
Each team will consist of ten (10) players. They will be accquired through a draft process on IRC using a bot. The draft order will use the snake format, and begin with the captain with the lowest salary, and continue on in ascending order. The non-captain player pool will consist of x (x) players. This will result in a free agent pool of y (y) players of varying values. Each team will have a salary cap that they cannot exceed, but they also must maintain a roster of ten (10) players at all times.
3.4 Player Salaries
All players will be listed with a corresponding salary, based on their final compiled rank. Each captain and admin will submit a list ranking the player pool of x (x) players to the best of their abilities from one to x (1-x). Regular Free Agents will also be able to submit a list using Drew's ranking program which was integrated into the website by Zilch. All players are encouraged to use this program. You are able to edit your list any time and save the changes. Once you are finished, you can submit the list to the admins via the website. The admins then review the lists, and the ones that we believe are accurate enough will be added.

The ten (10) captains' lists and four (4) administrators' lists as well as all of the approved player's lists, will be averaged, and the players will receive a compiled ranking from x (1-x), and then will be assigned a salary based on a graduated pay scale. We are positive that captains and admins alike will make mistakes in the ranking of the players, but we hope that the list will average out to close to correct after all of the lists are combined.
3.5 Transactions
Captains and assistant captains can add and drop players from their roster at anytime using the MLCTF website. However, teams must remain under the salary cap and also must maintain a ten (10) player roster. Teams will be locked and unable to make transactions during a match, and will remain locked until the game is over. Teams will be unlocked following the match, unless they were eliminated from the tournament, or the trade deadline has passed.
3.6 Player Holdout
If a player does not wish to play for a team that they have been drafted by, they can remove themselves from that team's roster, and be added back to the free agent list. If a player becomes a 'holdout' in this manner, their salary will be increased to 200% of its value, or a minimum of $200, whichever is greater, and they will be placed back in to the free agent pool at some random time over the following three (3) days.

If the player feels he is being treated unfairly, however, he may present his case to us and we will contact both him and his captain to resolve the dispute. Should an inquiry find that the captain is at fault, punitive action will be taken.

Please note that if a captain or co-captain removes themselves from their roster, this will be treated as a hold out and their salary will be increased as per the normal rules for a hold out.
3.7 Inactive Player
If a player misses two (2) consecutive matches, a team can drop him like any other player and contact an admin with an inactivity request.

Should the player be found inactive, the player will be removed from the league and will not be placed back in to the free agent pool, thus protecting teams from players who fake being inactive in order to be dropped, without incurring the additional increase to their salary due to the holdout rule.

However, if a captain has sufficient reason to believe that a player who is active is refusing the play, he or she may contact us and the offending player may be subject to the holdout rule.
4. MLCTF Game Rules
4.01 Cheats
All hacks, bots, radars and cheats are illegal. This includes any kind of automated aiming bot, a trigger-bot, any form of radar, server-crashing bugs and tools, packet loss and latency inducing devices, HUD timers, and anything in that same vein or spirit. Please use your brain. All violations will result in an PERMANENT EXPULSION for the offending player from MLUT and all MLUT related event. It will also result in a forfeit loss of the match in question for the offending team.

In addition, players can be convicted of the above without being caught by server cheat protection. Admins reserve the right to take into account all evidence regarding said player, including but not limited to: demos, screenshots, server logs, etc., and vote on a decision. In this event, the ban is to last no less than two (2) seasons, pending an appeal.
4.02 Server Admin
If a player logs in as a server administrator (this includes console admin, as well as WebAdmin or any similar utility) prior to a match, the player must log out as server administrator when complete, and reconnect to the server. At no time may a player log in as administrator during the match unless asked by an MLCTF administrator. Doing so will result in a forfeit loss for the map in question for the offending team, and a possible suspension for the offending player.
4.03 Connections
Any connection fraud is illegal, including, but not limited to, faking your ping or disturbing anothers connection through any means. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team. The offending player will be suspended from play for the current season with a possibility of a longer ban depending on the severity of the fraud.
4.04 Aliasing
A player may not use multiple identities over the course of the season. This is to ease the difficulty of tracking a given player. The alias a player uses and that will be tracked by the admins defaults to the name they used to sign up. Should a player wish to use a different alias during the season, he or she may approach an admin prior to his or her first time playing in a match for the MLCTF VII season. If a player at a later time refuses to use the name they signed up with or asked by an admin to change it (with the addition of the team tag) during a match, they will be denied permission to play. Repeated offences will result in a player being suspended from play for the rest of the season.
4.05 Ringing and Banned Players
Using a ringer (a player not on your eligible roster, who is generally posing as an eligible player) or a banned player is a serious offence, and will not be treated lightly. Using a ringer or banned player will result in the offending player, as well as any captains or co-captains present, being banned indefinitely. In addition, the team will forfeit the maps in question and be disqualified from play for the season. Furthermore, any and all players present at match time will be banned for one full season of MLCTF play. They may, of course, appeal this decision, but it is in your best interests to make sure this situation does not arrive.
4.055 Multiple Matches Per Round
No player may play in more than one match, or for more than one team, per round. Any player caught breaking this rule will be removed from MLUT. Captains who attempt to violate this rule will be removed from the tournament for violating the spirit of MLUT and have any map(s) played with the violating player forfeited to the opposing team.
4.06 Portal Camping
Piston portal camping is illegal. This includes sitting on either side of a portal with a charged piston and/or anything in the spirit of portal camping, such as but not limited to, repeatedly running through a portal with a charged piston. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss on the map in question for the offending team.
4.07 Game Bugs
Exploiting game bugs is illegal, such as, but not limited to, the armor bug, or any bugs which may allow you to translocate and retain the flag or teleport the flag across large distances. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team.
4.08 Map Bugs
Exploiting maps bugs is illegal, such as but not limited to dropping flags into areas they are not supposed to be able too such as through walls and/or doors. Drops through visible openings such as but not limited to those on Terra, McSwarztly and Orbital are legal. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team.
4.09 Taunts
Excessive use of text taunts is illegal. Using taunts bound to movement keys, firing keys, weapon switch keys, or any other frequently used bind in the game, is illegal. First violations will result in a warning. ANY Repeated offence will result in the player being removed from the player list for the current season. EXCESSIVE USE is considered spamming a text bind more than 3 times in five seconds.
4.10 Skins
Players may not use any skins other than those included in a default installation of Unreal Tournament, and may not alter the appearance of any of these skins by any means.
4.11 Spectators
There will be one (1) OPTIONAL spectator spots open for matches. One (1) spot is for available for the UTV Administrators.

Should any players be spectating the game without the consent of the administrators, they risk a possible suspension from league play. Should they be a member of a team playing in that match, or are providing information to members of that team during the match (for example, in a voice channel), the offending team will receive a forfeit loss for the map in question.
4.12 Cheese
MLCTF is a full-cheese event, as has been since it was created. Recently, there has been some discussion as to whether or not this season should be run without any cheese. Since MLCTF without cheese would not be MLCTF, we have decided to keep MLCTF VII as a full cheese event. However, in order to cater to the requests of some players, we are implementing an option for captains to agree to a cheese-free game. Should both captains choose to play a match without any 'cheese', they must announce their decision to the map admin prior to playing, and the following additional rules apply.

- Players may not use any form of self-boosting supplemented by the Jump Boots. This includes, but is not limited to, Piston+Boot Jumping; note that a player will not be penalized for performing a regular piston jump and having falling damage reduced due to the boost.

- Players may not intentionally boost another player with another weapon. This includes, but is not limited to, Rocket Boosting (using a cluster of rockets to propel a player large distances), Combo or Shock Boosting (similar with the shock rifle), or Piston Launching (Assault-style launching with an impact hammer). If a team feels that another team has intentionally boosted a player, they may launch an appeal after the map, and a ruling will be decided on by the admins.

- Players may not drop flags through any windows or window-like openings that they could not normally walk, dodge, or fall through. This includes the windows on maps such as CTF-Terra, CTF-McSwartzly, and CTF-Orbital.
Violation of any of these rules will result in a forfeit loss for the violating team on the map in question.

Frog Jumps/Bunny Hops: Frog jumps or Bunny hops are banned and any player found doing them will forfeit the map for their team.
5. MLCTF Administrator Rules
5.1 Administrator Duties
Administrators will be required to do the following:

a) Vote on issues in the admin forum.
b) Help resolve conflicts between teams, or players and captains.
c) Update the MLCTF website with match results.
d) Participate in the player salary ranking process.
e) Enforcing all rules to the best of their ability.
f) Maintain the integrity of the league.

Any administrators who do not perform these duties may be removed from their position.
5.2 Administrator Powers
All MLCTF admins have the power to make any changes to information on the MLUT website, as well as power over setting and enforcing bans in the MLCTF irc channel. Should a captain or player notice any mistakes or want to make any chances, he or she may contact any admin to make these changes.

However, these powers must be used responsibly. Should a captain, player, or other admin feel that an admin is abusing their power and rank, he or she may file a grievance with the MLCTF administrative staff. The MLCTF administration will then look into this claim and mete out justice accordingly.
5.3 Administrator Changes
If any MLCTF administrators make any changes to information on the website (trades, name changes, rules updates) or institute any bans in the IRC channel, they are required to log that change in a thread on the MLCTF admin forum. This is to help us keep track of any information as well as to have a timeline for any conflict resolution.

Should an admin not be logging his or her changes, he or she may lose admin status.
5.4 Administrators as Captains
Under no circumstances may an admin or an advisor have captain status.

Administrators may still sign up to play, however, and may fill a normal role on a roster.
5.5 Administrator Voting
During any admin votes, after an admin submits their vote, they are also required to reply to the thread where the vote occured, giving their vote as well as a brief explanation as to why they chose to vote the way they did.

This is to aid in tracking accurate vote results, as well as to ensure that there are no votes resulting in a conflicy of interest.

If a vote is submitted, but there is no name attached, the vote will be disregarded.
5.6 Administrator Conflict of Interest
Admins are not allowed to vote on any issues that involve a team that they are a member of. They may provide feedback and their input, but their vote will not count in determining the final outcome.

If the result of a vote does not agree with a member of the administrator staff, that admin should express his or her displeasure in the appropriate channels instead of the public forum.
6. MLCTF Dispute Resolution
6.1 Asterisk
The admins reserve the right to alter any rule in anyway they see fit if there is a passing admin vote. This is to protect the integrity of the tournament in case of a loophole or something being overlooked. Any infraction of the rules will be looked at on a case by case basis.
6.2 Conflict Resolution
Any and all problems (including those not governed in the rules) will be resolved by an admin vote. All admins have one (1) vote and can choose not to vote if they so please. In the hopes of keeping things moving, all open votes have a twenty-four (24) hour window in which admins can place their vote. There may, however, be exceptions to this twenty-four (24) hour window, should the vote be for something that does not require immediate resolution.

The results of these votes are binding, and if the issue is not covered in the rules, an addition will be made to follow the precedent.
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