UT Team Deathmatch V
Updates for MLTDM5 ONLY
we changed a bit the map list made it friendlier to most players by removing maps like Radikus-Elsinore-Ariza - basically maps no one wanted to play during pre-mltdm pugs. instead all maps for mltdm5 regular season are modified and listed below:

.::. Round One .::.


.::. Round Two .::.


.::. Round Three .::.


*list of maps for playoffs to come.

All Rules
1. Tournament Rules

1.1 Tournament Format
This is the 5th season for MLUT TDM. This season will consist of 5 weeks of season play followed by a playoff of the top 8 teams. There will be 10 teams of eight players each. The teams will be split up into two divisions. Each team will play the other teams in the same division once during the regular season. The top 4 teams in each division will go onto the playoffs. In the event of a tie, the team who has recorded the most game wins (not map wins) will advance. If both teams have the same amount of match wins the team with the least amount of losses will advance. Should neither team have a match loss and both teams have an equal number of wins, the team that won their head-to-head matchup will advance. Should both teams have split maps, the team with the most total points in their head-to-head matchup will advance. Should both teams have the same total points in their head-to-head matchup, those two teams will then compete in a one map playoff. Map to be played will be tempest.

1.2 Playoff Format
The playoffs will be an eight team single elimination bracket. The eight teams will be seeded based on their performance during season play. The matches will then break down as follows: Both 1st place teams from each division will receive a bye.

Teams are denoted as follows:
(1) 1st Place :: Division 1 --- (2) 1st Place :: Division 2
(3) 2nd Place :: Division 2 --- (4) 2nd Place :: Division 1
(5) 3rd Place :: Division 2 --- (6) 3rd Place :: Division 1
(7) 4th Place :: Division 1 --- (8) 4th Place :: Division 2

Each team will choose one map from a predetermined map list for that round of the playoffs.. The opposing team will choose color. There will be a predetermined tiebreaker, and on the tiebreaker map, the team with the lowest total salary of players currently in the server will have choice of color. The higher seeded team during the playoff season will have the first map choices while the lower seeded team will have the second map choices followed by the tiebreaker which is predetermined.

1.3 Map List
During each round of the regular season, there is a predetermined map list. Each team selects one map from this list as their map choice for that match. The opposing team has the choice of color on that map. There are no tiebreakers during the regular season. Teams are not required to disclose their map choice until the time of the match, and are encouraged to keep their choice a secret from their opponent. Should both teams choose the same map, they may play that map twice, or may change their picks so that the maps are not the same. However, this may only be done prior to the commencement of play on the first map -- once the match has begun, the second map choice is locked in.

The playoff rounds this year will all be best of three (3). Teams will choose one (1) map from a predetermined list as their choice in the matchup. There will be predetermined tie breakers for each round. The playoffs are single elimination with a best of three (3) map format.

The final round of the playoffs will consist of five (5) maps, with each team choosing one (1) map (the highest seeded team will have the first map pick and the other team having the second), and (3) pre-chosen tiebreakers.

Here is the Map List:

Regular Season

::Round One::

::Round Two::

::Round Three::

::Round Four::

::Round Five::







Map #3 Tempest
Map #4 Liandri
Map #5 Deck16][

*Note Ariza is exactly like the original except I removed the invisibility and put a Damage Amp below the Rockets by the mini ammo.

1.4 Match Scoring
In the event that a single team wins both maps for a given round, they will receive six points for that round. If each team wins a map, they will receive four points each. If a single team wins both maps in a given round, their opponent will receive two points. Forfeit losses receive zero points.

1.5 Match Scheduling
All matches are prescheduled by the MLTDM staff, and dates and times will be posted on the MLTDM website. If a team cannot field an adequate lineup consisting of four legal players at match time, they will be subject to a forfeit loss. The specific rules for a forfeit loss due to a lack of players are enumerated under sections 1.5a through 1.5e.

1.5a Forfeit Loss - Match Time - Double Forfeits
If neither team can field a team of four players fifteen minutes after the designated start match time or arrival of an admin, whichever is later, both teams receive a forfeit loss for both maps, neither team receiving any points.

It will be admin discretion to call the forfeit at a specific time. If the admin chooses to extend the time frame he will be allowed to, provided the captain and/or co-captain of the non-forfeiting team allows it. The default forfeit time will remain at fifteen minutes if no agreement can be reached.

1.5b Forfeit Loss - Match Time - 15 Minutes
If Team (B) cannot field a team of four members fifteen minutes after Team (A) has provided four members, provided that it is after the designated match start time or arrival of an admin, whichever is later, Team (B) forfeits their map pick and Team (A) receives points for the win.

1.5c Forfeit Loss - Match Time - 25 Minutes
If Team (B) cannot field a team of four members twenty-five minutes after Team (A) has provided four members, provided that it is after the designated match start time or arrival of an admin, whichever is later, Team (B) forfeits Team (A)'s map pick and Team (A) receives points for the win.

Once again only a captain and/or co-captain can agree to allow the extension of the forfeit time. The match still must take place the same day as scheduled. If no agreement can be reached the forfeit time will remain at 25 minutes.

1.5d Forfeit Loss - Match Time - Between Maps
If neither team can field a team of four players within ten minutes of the completion of a map, provided an admin is present, both teams receive a forfeit loss for both maps, neither team receiving any points.

Once again only the admin has the right to extend the forfeit time between the two teams. The match still must take place the same day as scheduled. If no agreement can be reached the forfeit time will remain at ten minutes. If one team has its roster ready the forfeit time will default back to ten minutes.

1.6 Servers
The admin for your match has a list of pre-approved MLUT servers. These servers have been verified as meeting with MLUT standards beforehand and will be the only servers used for this event. If each team prefers a different server and average team ping is comparable in each, then each team's map choice will be played on the other's server choice. Tiebreaker server (for playoffs) and overall decision will be left up to the admin and his decision is final.

Non-MLUT sanctioned servers are strictly not allowed for this season of MLUT. If you have a server that you wish to be used that is not MLUT sanctioned, please talk to Vertigo in advance about what is required in order to get it sanctioned.

1.7 Connections
The MLTDM is an open ping event, and as such all connections are accepted and legal. However, a person can NOT be on a LAN with the server.

1.8 Player Eligibility
A player is only allowed to play for the team that he is listed with on the MLTDM website. Please see rule 1.8a for updated rule. Teams are allowed to make any legal changes to their roster on the night of a match up until the first map has commenced play, so that they may field a roster. Once a match has begun, however, the rosters for the involved teams are locked until the completion of their match. Once a team has begun its 4th ROUND matchup, their roster will be locked until the completion of the regular season, pending any emergencies (any decisions concerning which will be voted upon by the admins). Rosters for teams that have made the playoffs will be unlocked again at the end of the regular season so that teams may be able to field an adequate roster for all playoff matchups. Should a team be found to be using a ringer or banned player, that team will forfeit the maps in question and be disqualified from the tournament, the ringer/banned player and any captains or co-captains present will be banned indefinitely, and any other players present and playing during the maps in question will be banned for one full season. The players in question may appeal this decision.

1.8a Player Eligibility - (Per Week)
A player is limited to playing on a single team for each week of mlut regular season and playoffs. If a player is traded from a team who has already played this week and the player in question played on one or more maps, he is not eligible to play with his new team until the following week. If the player does not compete in the next week match up and returns to the free agent pool the player is eligible to be drafted by any team available. If the player does compete with his new team and is then released to the free agent pool he is not eligible to return to his first squad without being picked up by a another team.

Here is an example of how this rule works:

- Player1 is on Team A for week 1
- Player1 is dropped from Team A after his week 1 matchup
- Player1 is then picked up by Team B
- Player1 is not allowed to play for Team B during week 1
- Player1 is allowed to play in week 2
- If Player1 is released before Team B's week 2 matchup he can be picked back up by Team A or any other squad
- If Player1 competes with Team B and is then dropped by Team B after week 2, Player1 is not allowed to rejoin Team A for week 3 unless he has been picked up by Team C or D etc., and then released by that team before or after week 3.

1.9 Spectators
There will be two to three spectator spots open for all matches. One spot is for the Match Administrator, and the other two are available for the UTV Administrator (should UTV be provided by someone who is not the Match Administrator), and for the GUNradio Shoutcast Administrator. Should UTV be provided by the Match Administrator, the third slot may be used for a second shoutcaster who will co-broadcast with the GUNradio Shoutcast Administrator.

2.0 MLTDM Game Specific Rules

2.1 Game Settings
Mutators: Redeemer OFF, CB12 or TIW
Max Team Score: 0
Time Limit: 20 minutes
Weapons Stay: Off
Tournament: On
Max Teams: 2
Friendly Fire: 100%
Game Style: Hardcore
Game Speed: 100%
Air Control: 35%
Translocator: Off
Bots: Off
Powerups: On

The Tickrate Independant Weapons modification will be running on MLUT servers. Be sure to enable CB12 in the mutators section of your server.

Note: When TIW is enabled you will need to make sure your minigun and pulse binds are changed so they work with it:
Minigun bind: key=switchweapon 7
Pulse bind: key=switchweapon 5

Required Mutators: No Redeemer, CB12, AntiTimer v3, BDBMapVote3.04

Required Server Actors: UTPureRC7E, NoTossWeaponSwitch

Optional Mutators: MODOSUtilsV25, DeluxeChatV4,

Optional Server Actors: WebChatLog v2.2, Mavericks IRC Reporter v1.14, UT Stats Beta 4.0

Server INI settings are:

MaxClientRate= // Range of 10000 - 20000
NetServerMaxTickRate= // Range of 40 - 60


UTPureRC7E is required for match play. Server INI settings for UTPureRC7E are:


It is the responsibility of both the admin and the players to ensure that all the settings are correct prior to starting the match. Once both teams have clicked in they have agreed to the current settings and no map can be replayed due to settings that are in conflict with those on the rules page.

2.2 Captains Selection
Captains will be selected from a list of applicants by the administrators. Captains will be required to:

a) Name their team.
b) Vote on captain topics in the captains forum.
c) Draft a competitive team to the best of their abilities.
d) Assign an assistant captain to handle captain duties when they are not available. Admins that are a team are not allowed to be co-captains for any team.
e) Maintain the team’s roster.
f) Set lineups for each map (if both the captain and the assistant captain are unavailable, it is up to the player with the highest salary).

2.3 Captain Replacement
Should a team be unhappy with their team captain, they may hold a team vote to impeach him or her. If five or more players on a team agree to the removal of a captain, the captain will be removed from the team roster as well as his or her captain position. The player with the highest salary on the team will then become captain, or he or she may denote another player to fulfill the role of captain. A captain can also be removed from his duties by the administrators at any time, should a vote deem it necessary. At such time, a new captain will be appointed. Should a captain choose to leave his or her team at any time, this will be treated as a player holdout (see below), and a new captain can be designated by the team. Should the team be unable to choose, the administrators will elect a player as captain of the team.

2.4 Team Creation
Each team will consist of eight players. They will be acquired through a draft process on IRC using a bot. The draft order will use the snake format, and begin with the captain with the lowest salary, and continue on in ascending order. Each team will have a salary cap that they cannot exceed, but they also must maintain a roster of eight players at all times.

2.5 Player Salaries
Player salaries will be determined by the admins only. Captains and players are not required to do so.

It is the job of the admins to determine a players ranking which will then be predetermined by a dollar amount with that ranking.

2.6 Player Transactions
Captains and assistant captains can add and drop players from their roster at anytime using the MLTDM website. However, teams must remain under the salary cap and also must maintain an eight player roster. Teams will be locked and unable to make transactions during a match, and will remain locked until the match is over. Teams will be unlocked following the match, unless they were eliminated from the tournament, or the trade deadline has passed.

2.7 Player Holdouts and Player Inactivity

Player Holdouts:
A player can holdout if they wish. If they do not wish to play for a team that they have been selected to, they can remove themselves and be added back to the free agent list. If a player becomes a holdout, they will have 50% added on to their salary and be placed back in to the free agent pool at random at some time over the following three (3) days. If the player feels he is being treated unfairly, he may present his case to us and we will contact both him and his captain to resolve the dispute. Should an inquiry find that the captain is at fault, punitive action will be taken.

Inactive Players
If a player misses two consecutive matches, a team can drop him like any other player and contact an admin with an inactivity request. In this case the player will be removed from the league and will not be placed back in to the free agent pool, thus protecting teams from players who fake being inactive in order to be dropped back in to the free agent pool, without incurring the additional 50% increase to their salary due to the holdout rule.

2.8 Conflict Resolution
Any and all problems will be resolved by a vote. All admins have one vote and can choose not to vote if they so please. In the hopes of keeping things moving, all open votes have a twenty-four hour window in which admins can place their vote.

If a conflict arises and an admin is playing in the match. That admin will not be allowed to vote regarding the situation. If there is a tie in the voting process the head admin (Vertigo) will have the final decision.

3.0 Illegal Actions

3.1 Cheating
All hacks, bots, radars and cheats are of course illegal. Please use your brain. Any violations will result in an indefinite suspension for the offending player, a forfeit loss of the match (both maps) in question for the offending team, and a possible disqualification from the season for the offending team, pending review. Admins will have the final say in regards to all matters pertaining to cheating.

Game Bugs
Exploiting game bugs is illegal, such as but not limited to the armor bug. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team. Admins will have the final say in all matters pertaining to the exploitation of game bugs.

Map Bugs
Exploiting maps bugs is illegal. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team. Once again, admins will have the final say in all matters pertaining to the exploitation of map bugs.

Binding taunts to movement keys (including manual taunt binds or scripted binds) is considered the exploitation of a bug. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team. Repeated offences will result in the player being removed from the player list for the current season.

3.2 Connections
Any connection fraud is illegal, including, but not limited to, faking your ping or disturbing another’s connection through any means. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team. The offending player will be suspended from play for the current season with a possibility of a longer ban depending on the severity of the fraud.

3.2 Ringing, Banned Players, and Aliasing
Ringing and Banned Players
Using a ringer (a player not on your eligible roster, who is generally posing as an eligible player) or a banned player is a serious offence, and will not be treated lightly. Using a ringer or banned player will result in the offending player, as well as any captains or co-captains present, being banned indefinitely. In addition, the team will forfeit the maps in question and be disqualified from play for the season. Furthermore, any and all players present at match time will be banned for one full season of MLTDM play. They may, of course, appeal this decision, but it is in your best interest to ensure this situation does not arise.

A player may not use multiple identities over the course of the season. Use only the name you signed up with.

3.3 Player Skins
Skins included with the bonus pack may not be used. Only the original skins from UT maybe used.

4.0 Asterisk
The admins reserve the right to alter any rule in anyway they see fit if there is a passing admin vote. This is to protect the integrity of the tournament in case of a loophole or something being overlooked. Any infraction of the rules will be looked over on a case by case basis.
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