Major League IG CTF Zero Ping I
0.1 - General Info
Important: Bracket, Scheduling, and Match Result Site:
This match scheduling info will not appear on this site.

12-Team, Double Elimination
No Divisions
If any team loses twice, they are eliminated.

Map Picking
Rounds 1-4:
4 maps to choose from each round.
These rounds are best 2 of 3.
Each team picks a map (from the 4). A TB, if necessary, is predetermined by admins.
Round 5:
Only 1 match. Predetermined maps (all 3). Best of 3.
Best of 5.
1.1 - League Format
12-team Double Elimination Bracket.

Pre-Finals Rounds: Best of 3.
Finals: Best of 5.

ALL matches have a tiebreaker if the teams are tied. The TB map is predetermined, see the map list.
2 - Match Rules
2.1 - Map Selection
ROUNDS 1-4 will consist of 2 maps selected from a pre-determined map list. Each team will select one (1) map from the list for that round and disclose their selection to the match admin at game time. Once the match admin has announced each team's map selection, neither team may change their map choice. The one exception to this is if both teams pick the same map. Should this happen, the admin will allow both teams to resubmit their map selection. If both teams decide not to change their map selection, that map will be played twice. However, if both teams change their map pick but end up picking the same map, the map that was selected by both teams initially will be the first map played and the map that was selected by both teams the second time will be the second map played for the match. The team listed first one the site will have their map pick played first on the second team's server choice.

Round 5, is 1 match only. This round has predetermined maps, and a predetermined tiebreaker if necessary.

The final round of the playoffs will be a best of five (5) maps with each team choosing two (2) maps from the entire maplist. Should a tiebreaker be required, they will play the first map on the tiebreaker list that was not chosen by either team. The teams will play the higher seeded team's map selection first and then third.

NOTE: There can be two "finals matches". This only occurs if one team in finals was undefeated, then lost in the first finals match. Since everyone has to lose twice to be eliminated, this would result in and 2nd finals match.
2.10 - Idling on Player Drops
Idling on Player Dropouts is NOT REQUIRED. The team with a dropped player can get another 5th into the server, assuming they have one.
2.2 - Maplist
NOTE: Rounds do NOT correspond to weeks. The easiest way to check the applicable maps for your match is to: visit the scheduling site, then click on the detail page for your match. This shows the maps you can choose from.

Round Maps:
TB: CTF-SpintaCB3

TB: CTF-DiamondSword_CE

TB: CTF-scandinavium_riffcustom

TB: CTF-Orbital-LE102

ROUND 5: 1 Match only, predetermined maps
TB: CTF-Extortion_CE

TB1: CTF-Orbital-LE102
TB2: CTF-scandinavium_riffcustom
TB3: CTF-EternalCave2
TB4: CTF-SprintaCB3
TB5: CTF-EspritLE105

Full maplist: 18 maps

Guide Image for Round #s: link
2.3 - Color Choice
During all matches, the team that has not chosen the map to be played is allowed to choose color.

Note: For TB maps, color choice is assigned by the match admin if there's a conflict. Every map chosen for TBs is symmetrical, so there's no need for teams to choose a color.
2.4 - Match Scheduling
All matches are prescheduled by the MLIGZPCTF staff and times will be posted on the MLIGZPCTF website. If a team cannot field an adequate lineup (5 legal players) at match time, they will be subject to a forfeit loss. The specific rules for a forfeit loss due to a lack of players are enumerated under sections 2.4a through 2.4e

Note: A reschedule is possibly only if a) both captains agree; b) an admin can spectate at the new date/ time.
2.4a - Double Forfeit
If neither team can field a team of five (5) players fifteen (15) minutes after the designated start match time or arrival of an admin, whichever is later:

This will be handled if it comes up. A double forfeit doesn't make any sense for brackets.
2.4b - Forfeit Loss - 15 Minutes
If Team B cannot field a team of five (5) members fifteen (15) minutes after Team A has provided five (5) members, provided that it is after the designated match start time or arrival of an admin, whichever is later, Team B forfeits their map pick and Team A receives points for the win.
2.4c - Between Maps (10min)
If neither team can field a team of five (5) players within ten (10) minutes of the completion of a map, provided an admin is present, both teams receive a forfeit loss for the next map, neither team receiving any points
2.4d - Between Maps (10min)
If, between maps, Team B cannot field a team of five (5) members ten (10) minutes after Team A has fielded five (5) members, provided an admin is present and all five (5) members of Team A signal their presence, Team B forfeits the map and Team A is awarded points for a map win.
2.4e - Teams with < 5 players for a match
Team A has >= 5 players for a match.
Team B has < 5 players for a match.

The match can proceed at Team A's captain's discretion. Team A's captain can either::
- Play 5v4
- Play 4v4
- Demand a forfeit map win
- Reschedule IF BOTH team captains agree to, and can decide on a match date and time. This MUST occur before the next loser/ winner match the teams would be playing in.

Note: Regardless of the above choice, the normal timing rules apply (15min before Map 1, 10min before Map 2 or Map 3). Team A cannot receive a forfeit win until the time has elapsed. If Team A wants a 5v4, Team B can wait until their timer is about to expire before the 5v4 commences. etc etc.
2.4f - Timer Resets and Clicking In
Clicking In, Timer Resets
1. The 15min/ 10min timer BEGINS when a team has 5 in the server, and they are clicked in. All 5 must be clicked at the same time to begin the timer.
2. Once the timer has STARTED, the clicked-in team can reconnect as needed, for a short period of time, without the timer being reset.
2a. If someone on the clicked team leaves, and is gone for 3 MINUTES OR OVER, the timer will be reset.
3. Once the timer is reset, either team to have 5 clicked in first at that point, has the timer started for their team.
2.5 - Connections
MLIGZPCTF is an open ping event, and as such, nearly all connections are accepted and legal. However, a person cannot be on a LAN (local-area network) with the server. Any players found to be in violation of this rule will be suspended from league play until further notice.
2.6 - Fair Ping
2.7 - Servers
The admins are responsible for having at least one MLIGZP-sanctioned server available for each match, that meets the Server Settings requirements (see next section). PM your match admin if you don't have a server preference (that you can set).

If you have a specific server preference let the admin know and the admin will try to accomodate your request. However this server is not guaranteed - it must be setup correctly, possible to mapvote to the correct config, or the server admin must be around.

If you have a specific server preference AND you have admin to it, let the match admin know. As long as it meets the server requirements, and people have no trouble connecting to it, it should be allowed.
2.8 - Server settings
Central servers only. Note: If you have something else in mind that both teams ping fine too, let an admin know. Doesn't matter as much, being ZP. None of that GREAT ALASKA/ euro stuff though.

UTDC 1.7c or UTDC 1.8
EUT, current version

20 minute map
5 caplimit
Mapvote with all MLIGZP maps (correct version), or a server admin must be around to force a map

MUST show IPs (i.e. on the F2 screen), or a server admin must be around to take a screenshot of all IPs.
2.9 - Server Crash
In the event that the game server crashes during a match, the match will restart with the amount of time that was remaining when the server crashed. If the score was tied prior to the crash then any overtime played in the restart will be official. If the match was not tied any captures made prior to the crash will be added to the score once the clock reaches 0:00. If overtime is required at that point, teams will restart the map again with the first team capturing winning the map.
3 - Team Rules
3.1 - Captain Responsibilities
Captains will be selected from a list of applicants by the admininstrators. Captains will be required to:

a) Name their team.
b) Draft a competitive team.
c) Assign an assistant captain.
d) Maintain the teams roster.
e) Make team decisions, such as lineup, map, color and server.
f) Remind your teammates to record demos of official mligctf matches.
g) Take SmartCTF screenshots of their matches and provide them to the admins.
h) Collect evidence and provide it to the MLUT admins when accusing another team of breaking the rules.

In the absence of the official captain, the co-captain will act as the captain. In the absence of both the captain and the co-captain, the available player with the highest salary will act as captain.
3.2 - Captain Replacement
Should a team be unhappy with their team captain, they may hold a team vote of non-confidence to remove him. If 60% of the team agree to the removal of a captain, the captain will be removed from the league. The player with the highest salary on the team will then become captain, or he may promote another player to the role of captain.

Should a captain not take his or her duties seriously, he may be removed from his position as captain by the league and may face suspension.
3.3 - Team Creation
Each team will consist of seven (7) players, plus captain. They will be accquired through a draft process on IRC using a bot. The draft order will use the snake format, and begin with the captain with the lowest salary, and continue on in ascending order. Each team will have a salary cap that they cannot exceed, but they also must maintain a roster of seven (7) players, plus captain at all times.

If a team drops below seven (7) players for any reason the spot(s) on the roster MUST be filled to bring the team back up to seven (7), even if it requires dropping additional players to free up salary.
3.4 - Player Salaries
All MLIGCTF players will be listed with a corresponding salary based on their compiled skill ranking.

Over the course of a few days all players, admins and captains will be asked to submit player ranking lists using the integrated ranking program found on the MLUT site. All players are encouraged to use this program. You are able to edit your list at any time and save the changes. Once you are finished, you can submit the list to the admins via the website. The admins then review the lists, and the ones that we believe are accurate enough will be approved.

All approved lists will be averaged, then each player will receive a compiled ranking and will be assigned a salary based on a graduated pay scale.
3.5 - Transactions
Captains and assistant captains can add and drop players from their roster at anytime using the MLUT website. Teams must remain under the salary cap and also must maintain a 7+1 player roster at all times. If a team drops below 7+1 players for any reason the spot(s) on the roster MUST be filled to bring the team back up to 7+1, even if it requires dropping additional players to free up salary.

Teams will be locked and unable to make transactions AFTER THE SCHEDULED MATCH TIME (or if both teams agreed to a schedule, the mutually chosen reschedule start time), and will remain locked until the match is over. Teams will be unlocked following the match, unless they were eliminated from the tournament, or have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Team rosters will be locked 2 days before playoffs start.

Even if teams are not locked physically on the website, they are considered locked based on the above rules and any transactions breaking those rules will be reversed.
3.6 - Holdouts and Player Inactivity
* We're not basing anything off of if a player CLAIMS that they will noshow in the FUTURE. It's impossible to know if they're telling the truth, kidding to bug the admins, etc etc.
The only thing that determines if a player noshows is... if they noshow, THEREFORE:

* Inactivity Rule: If a player is unavailable for two matches in a row, they will be removed from the SEASON (not go to FAs).
- Update to this rule from before: The 1st noshow is determined by if they are available to play in the match BY/ DURING match time. The 2nd noshow is determinable if they are AROUND on IRC/ other methods of communication with team captain/ cocaptain, AT MATCH TIME OR IMMEDIATELY BEFORE (5min before scheduled match time). At this point, the inactivity rule can be invoked, and the player can be removed from the season.
- The above update is to give captains a chance to make a trade for a different player in TIME for the SECOND MATCH.

* Holdout Rule: At ANY time, a player can choose to holdout from his team. His salary will increase by the following: Salary*1.5, OR Salary+$300, whichever is GREATER.
- The change in holdout amount is to make it fairer for lower salary players: an increase from $100->$150 just doesn't make any sense.
- If the player feels the captain is being treated unfairly, they can ask the admins to look into it. IF the admins feel that this is the case, the player will move to the FA list at their current salary.
- If the admins find the player IS NOT being treated unfairly, the player can: return to their team at current salary, or move to the FA list with the salary increases listed above.
- The player holdout -> FA with salary increase takes effect IMMEDIATELY upon telling the admins. The holdout -> no salary increase takes place ONLY after admin review.

No action will be taken about the other players who have CLAIMED that they will not play for their drafted teams. If that is the case, once matches start, it can be resolved by the above rules.

Note to Captains: If a player is claiming to refuse to play for you, your options are limited to those outlined above. No holdouts w/ salary increase will occur in preseason unless the PLAYER requests it.
3.7 - Multiple Teams
No player may play for more than one team in a single round. Any player caught breaking this rule will be removed from MLIGZPCTF. Captains who attempt to violate this rule will be removed from the tournament and have any maps played with the violating player forfeited to the opposing team.
4 - Game Rules
4.1 - Cheats
All hacks, bots, radars and cheats are illegal. This includes any kind of automated aiming bot, a trigger-bot, any form of radar, server-crashing bugs and tools, packet loss and latency inducing devices, HUD timers, and anything in that same vein or spirit. Please use your brain. All violations will result in an PERMANENT EXPULSION for the offending player from MLUT and all MLUT related events. It will also result in a forfeit loss of the match in question for the offending team.

In addition, players can be convicted of the above without being caught by server cheat protection. Admins reserve the right to take into account all evidence regarding said player, including but not limited to: demos, screenshots and server logs.
4.1a - Skins
Players may not use any skins other than those included in a default installation of Unreal Tournament, and may not alter the appearance of any of these skins by any means.
4.1b - Spectators
Should any players be spectating a game without the consent of an administrator, they risk a possible suspension from league play. Should they be a member of a team playing in that match, the offending team will receive a forfeit loss for the map in question.
4.1c - Boosts
Boosts that enable players to reach or utilize map bugs are illegal and will result in the team forfeiting their map.

Examples, not limited to these:
CTF-NovemberCE105, rafters above flag: LEGAL.
CTF-EternalCave2, cave surface above flag: LEGAL.
CTF-DiamondSwordCE, areas below map where the player should die but doesn't: ILLEGAL TO STAY THERE.
4.1d - Frog Jumps
Frog Jumps are illegal and any player found doing them will forfeit the map for their team.
4.1e - Demos
Every player must record a first-person demo of each map he plays and keep this demo for seven (7) days after the match. If a player joins the server after the start of a map, it is his responsibility to ensure that he starts recording a demo before commencing play.

If foul play is suspected in a match, a player must submit an inquiry directly to an admin. An accusation MUST be made before 11:59pm EST the day AFTER the match, or it will not be considered. The player making the accusation of foul-play, must submit his/her own demo to the admins, along with an explanation of the accusation, which player is in question, and the location in the demo of suspicious play. If the accusing player cannot supply their own demo, the inquiry will be dropped. If review of the accuser's demo reveals no suspicion of foul-play, the inquiry will be dropped. The admins will inspect the accuser's demo, and if there is the possibility of foul-play, the admins will request and then review the demo from the player in question.

An admin ruling will then be made as necessary.
4.2 - Server Admin
If a player logs in to a server as administrator prior to a match, the player must logout when complete, and reconnect to the server. When possible (playing hasn't begun yet), the map should also be revoted/ restarted. At no time may a player login as administrator during the match. Doing so will usually result in a forfeit loss for the map in question for the offending team, and a possible suspension for the offending player.
4.3 - Connection Fraud
All connection fraud is illegal, including but not limited to, faking your ping or disturbing anothers connection through any means. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team. The offending player will be suspended from play for the current season with the possibility of a longer ban.
4.4 - Aliasing
A player may not use multiple identities over the course of the season. The name a player uses and that will be tracked by the admins defaults to the name they used to sign up. If at any time a player refuses to use the name they signed up with when asked by an admin to change it during a match, they will be denied permission to play. Repeated offences will result in a player being suspended from play for the rest of the season.
4.5 - Ringing
Using a ringer (a player not on your eligible roster, who is generally posing as an eligible player) is a serious offence. Using a ringer will result in the offending player, as well as any captains or co-captains present, being banned indefinitely. In addition, the team will forfeit the maps in question and be disqualified from play for the remainder of the season.
4.6 - Map Bugs
Exploiting maps bugs is illegal, such as but not limited to dropping flags into areas they are not supposed to be able too such as through walls and/or doors. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team.
4.7 - Flag Passing & Dropping
Dropping or passing of the flag to a teammate is legal. Intentional dropping of a flag into a glitched (unreturnable) area of a map is illegal and will result in a forfeit of the map.
4.8 - Taunts
Excessive use of text taunts is illegal. Using taunts bound to movement keys, firing keys, weapon switch keys, or any other frequently used bind in the game, is illegal. First violations will result in a warning. Repeated offences can result in the player being removed from the player list for the current season.
5 - Administration
5.1 - Administrative Powers
All MLIGZPCTF admins have the power to make any changes to information on the MLIGZPCTF website. Should a captain or player notice any mistakes, he or she may contact an admin to make any changes. Should a captain, player or other admin feel that an admin is abusing their power, he or she may file a grievance with the MLIGZPCTF head admin.
5.2 - Conflict Resolution
Any and all problems (including those not governed in the rules) will be resolved by an admin vote. All admins have one (1) vote and can choose not to vote if they so please. In the hopes of keeping things moving, all open votes have a twenty-four (24) hour window in which admins can place their vote. There may, however, be exceptions to this twenty-four (24) hour window, should the vote be for something that does not require immediate resolution.
5.3 - Conflict of Interest
Admins are not allowed to vote on any issues that involve a team that they are a member of. They may provide feedback and their input, but their vote will not count in determining the final outcome.
5.4 - Sportsmanship
Any player using racial slurs or insulting remarks toward another team or player while in a official match will be removed from the match. Repeated offences can result in the player being removed from the player list for the current season.
5.5 - Asterisk (*)
The admins reserve the right to alter any rule in any way they see fit if there is a passing admin vote. This is to protect the integrity of the tournament in case of a loophole or something being overlooked.
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