UT Team Deathmatch I
1. Tournament Rules
Welcome to the first installment of the Rules for MLTDM
1.1 Tournament Format
The first season of MLTDM will be a 16 team single elimination bracket style tournament. Each match will consist of a best 2 out of 3 games.
1.2 Map List
Round 1 Maps:
Round 1 - Deck - Turbine - pressure

Round 2 Maps:
Round 2 - Gothic - Nitro - Liandri

Round 3 Maps:
Round 3 - Conveyor - Curse - Synergy

Finals Maps:
Finals - Team 1 Pick - Team 2 Pick - Seraphim - Tempest - Deck
1.3 Match Scheduling
All matches are prescheduled by the MLUT staff and times will be posted on the MLUT website. If a team can not field a lineup (4 legal players) and begin the match by 15 minutes past the stated time they will receive a forfeit loss.
1.4 Connections
The MLTDM is an open ping event, and as such all connections are accepted and legal. However, a person can NOT be on a LAN with the server.
1.5 Servers
The admin for your match has a list of pre-approved MLTDM servers. These servers have been verfied as meeting with MLTDM standards beforehand and will be the only servers used for this event. It will be up to the admin to determine which server is most fair for all those involved and his decision is final.

Approved MLUT Servers:
1.6 Player Eligibility
A player is only allowed to play for the team that he is listed with on the MLTDM website. Teams are allowed to make any legal roster changes right up until match time in order to ensure a full roster. If a team is found to be using a ringer (i.e. a player not on their roster), they will be disqualified from the tournament.
1.7 Spectators
There will be 2 spectator spots open for all matches. 1 spot is for the admin and one is for uTv. If the admin is serving in both functions, the server will be switched to 1 spectator spot.
1.8 Game Settings
Mutators: Redeemer OFF
Max Team Score: 0
Time Limit: 20 minutes
Weapons Stay: Off
Tournament: On
Max Teams: 2
Friendly Fire: 100%
Game Style: Hardcore
Game Speed: 100%
Air Control: 35%
Translocator: Off
Bots: Off
Powerups: On
1.9 Additional Settings
The Tickrate Independant Weapons modification will be running on MLUT servers. Be sure to enable the TIW Minigun and TIW Pulse in the mutators section of your server.

Note: When TIW is enabled you will need to make sure your minigun and pulse binds are changed so they work with it:
Minigun bind: key=switchweapon 7
Pulse bind: key=switchweapon 5

Download UTPureRC6E
Edit the UTPureRC6E.int file and add this line: bNoLockDown=True (if it exists just be sure its set to TRUE)
2. MLTDM Rules

2.1 Captain Selection
Captains will be selected from a list of applicants by the admins. Captains will be required to:

a) Name his/her team.
b) Vote on captain topics in the captains forum.
c) Draft a competitive team to the best of their abilities.
d) Assign an assistant captain to handle captain duties when they are not available.
e) Maintain the teams roster.
f) Set lineups for each map. (if both the captain and the assistant captain are unavailable, it is up to the player with the highest salary)
2.2 Captain Replacement
If 4 or more players on a team agree to the replacement of a captain it is done. The player (of the 4 or more) with the highest salary is then appointed captain or can appoint another player from the team as captain.
2.3 Team Creation
Each team will will consist of 7 players. They will be accquired through a draft process on IRC using a bot. The draft order will be decided by lottery and will use the snake format. The player pool will consist of a max of 200 players. This will result in a freeagent pool of 88 players of varying values. Each team will have a salary cap that they can not exceed but also must maintain a roster of 7 players.
2.4 Player Salaries
All players will be listed with a corresponding salary based on rank. Each ADMIN will submit a list ranking the player pool of 200 players to the best of their abilities from 1-200. The 9 ADMINS list's combined and the players will receive a total rank from 1-200 and then be given a salary based on a graduated pay scale. We are positive that the ADMINS alike will make mistakes in the ranking of the players, but we hope that the list will average out to close to correct after the 9 lists are combined.
2.5 Transactions
Captains and assistant captains can add/drop players from their roster at anytime using the MLUT website. However, teams must remain under the salary cap and also must maintain a 7 player roster. Teams may not trade during a match (i.e. before the second map or third) all trading must be done before or after a match. Trading between teams is not allowed at this time.
2.6 Player Holdout
A player can holdout if they wish. Meaning if they do not wish to play for a team that they have been selected to, they can remove themselves and be added back to the freeagent list. If a player becomes a holdout, they are removed from their team, placed in the freeagent list, and will have 50% added on to their salary.
2.7 Conflict Resolution
Any and all problems will be resolved by a vote. All admins have 1 vote and can choose not to vote if they so please. In the hopes of keeping things moving, all open votes have a 24hr window in which admins can place their vote.
3. Illegal Actions
3.1 Server Admin
If a player logs in as a server administrator prior to a match, the player must log out as server administrator when complete, and also reconnect to the server. At no time may a player log in as administrator during the match unless asked by an MLUT admin.
3.2 Cheats
All hacks, bots, radars and cheats are of course illegal, please use your brain asshats.
3.3 Game Bugs
Exploiting game bugs is illegal, such as but not limited to the armor bug.
3.4 Taunts
Binding taunts to movement keys or firing keys are illegal.
3.5 Connections
Any connection fraud is illegal, including but not limited to faking your ping or disturbing anothers connection through any means.
3.6 Skins
Players may not use any skins other than those included in Unreal Tournament. Players may not alter the appearance of any of these skins by any means.
3.7 Asterix
Anyone proven to break any of the above rules will be removed from the tournament. The admins also reserve the right to alter any rule in anyway they see fit if there is a passing admin vote. This is to protect the integrity of the tournament in case of a loophole or something being overlooked.
3.8 Remaining Problems
If any player/captain/admin has any issues that can not be resolved please do not hesitate to contact:
WallyFSU - Head of MLTDM
or Psycho - Head of MLUT

If you are having problems with the website please contact Psycho or WallyFSU
Moderated By: MLUT

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