Unreal Playground Capture the Flag I
1. Tournament Rules
1.1 Tournament Format
This will be a season, followed by playoffs. There are 8 teams of 9 players each, all in one division. Each team will play each other once for a total of 7 regular-season games. Matches will be best of 3 maps. A win will be worth 3 points, loss 1 point, and forfeit 0 points. The best 4 teams will advance to the playoff round. In the event of a tie, it will be broken on the basis of those teams' head-to-head match results.
1.2 Playoffs
The playoff seeding will be based upon performance during the regular season.
Round One Semifinals:
1st place vs. 4th place
2nd place vs. 3rd place

Round Two Finals:
Winners from Round One play for 1st and 2nd place
Losers from Round One play for 3rd and 4th place

Each team will select one map with the tie-breaker being pre-determined. The higher-seeded team's map will be played first.
1.3 Maps
During the regular season, maps will be pre-selected. For the playoffs, each team will select one map while the tie-breaker will be pre-selected.

Round #:
1st map,
2nd map,
Tie-breaker map

Round one:

Round two:

Round Three:

Round Four:

Round Five:

Round Six:

Round Seven:

Playoff maps:
Round one Tiebreaker: FtKearney

Round two Tiebreaker: Alliance
1.4 Game Settings
All matches will be played with the following settings:

No Powerups
No Redeemers
Time Limit 20 mins
Tournament Mode On
Tickrate 20/ OR TIW
Teams will be 5v5.
If a team cannot field 5 players at the time of the match, they will forfeit.

No spectators unless requested by an admin or for UTV.
2. League Rules
2.1 Captain Duties
Each captain will be responsible for:

Naming his/her team
Selecting his/her team through a draft
Maintaining the team roster
Setting lineups for each map
Encouraging playing time for all members of their team
Seeking out Teamspeak or a similar voice communications program if desired
2.2 Team Creation
Each team will consist of 9 players. The draft order will be determined by captain's salary. Lowest to highest captain format will be used for each round. Each captain will draft one player from each different group, totalling 9 players total: 1 from each salary group. A captain may not draft a player from his own salary group.
2.3 Player Salaries
All players will be listed with a corresponding salary based on rank. The Admins will each rank all players, and the average value will be used to determine salaries. While some under/over evaluations of players will naturally occur, taking the average should smooth that out.
2.4 Trading Players
Players may be traded between teams only if the players being traded are within one salary group of each other. For example, Team 1 can trade a group B player to Team 2 for a group A, B, or C player, and vice versa. All teams MUST keep their rosters filled at 9 players, and trades will be allowed up until 1 hour before match time.
2.5 Scheduled Matches
Matches will be played on a set schedule, which can be viewed in the "Schedule" section of this website. Teams unable to field a full team of 5 players at 20 min. after the match starting time has expired will forfeit the first map. Teams unable to field 5 players 15 min. after that time will forfeit their second map, forfeiting the match. There will be no rescheduling of regular season or playoff matches. If both captains agree, a map may be played 5v4 or 4v4. No 3v4 or 3v3 games will be allowed.
3 No-Nos
3.1 - Admin Login
Thou shalt not log in as admin while a match is in progress. If login in is necessary prior to a match, login, do what is needed, logout, and reconnect.
3.2 Cheats
Thou shalt not hack, bot, radar, or otherwise cheat. Penalty for doing so will be removal from the internet, followed by eternal botmatch vs. Loque, low-grav, instagib Face, with a 250 simulated ping and 15% simulated packetloss while our RetsamRaw bot hurls a constant stream of obscenities and cheat accusations in your direction.
3.3 Aliasing
Thou shalt not alias. All players must use the name they signed up with, plus their team's tag, if applicable. That includes you, trax and GS.
3.4 Exploits
Thou shalt not exploit map bugs. This includes, but is not limited to, dropping flags through solid objects or hiding in bsp holes. Drops through actual openings are legal, as well as SR primary boosting. Rocket boosting will be allowed as well. Specifically Yen, boost him into the lava all you want.
3.5 Whining
Thou shalt not whine. Do not whine in the game, do not whine in the forums, and do not whine in IRC. All forms of 'cheese' are legal. Anything you can do with a piston is legal. Boosting of FCs is legal. If that is your *only* strategy.. good luck. Do not rely on pistons and boosting, but don't whine about it if someone else does. We're all family here. Play nice.
3.6 Have fun
Thou shalt have fun. If you cease having fun, ask your captain to substitute you for someone who will.
3.7 Conflict Resolution
If you have a dispute about ANYTHING, re-read the rules. If that doesn't solve it, pm an admin. If you are reporting suspected cheating.. don't waste anyone's time if you don't have a demo. All admins will vote on disputes, unless an admin is on a team involved in the dispute. Any dispute regarding game score, win/loss, etc must be accompanied by a demo and/or screen shots.
4 - Catch-all
Admins reserve the right to change/add rules as needed. We have tried to make the rules as complete as possible, but let's face it, sh!t happens.
Moderated By: MLUT

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