The Return of Reg
1. League Rules
These rules should now be considered official. Later changes are possible, but any major rule changes will be announced in the forums and on the main news page as well.
1.1 League Format
The Seventh edition of Major League Instagib Capture the Flag, hereafter referred to as MLIGCTF VI, will be a season format and feature a single-elimination playoff round. There will be two (2) divisions, both containing five (5) teams. The season portion of MLCTF VII will see each team have one (1) match with every other team in its own division for a total of five (5) matches.
1.2 League Point Format
Each match consists of two maps and no tiebreaker. Teams will be awarded three (3) points for each map win, one (1) point for each map loss and zero (0) points for each map forfeit. The four (4) teams with the most points at the end of the regular season in each division will advance to the playoffs. In the event of a tie, the team who has recorded the most game wins (not map wins) will advance. Should both teams have an equal number of game wins, the team that won the head-to-head matchup between both teams will advance. If the teams had split, the team with the better capture ratio in the head to head matchup will advance. If one of the teams had forfeited a map during the head to head, it will be considered an 8-0 loss for the purposes of calculating capture differential. If the teams are still tied in capture ratio in their head to head matchup, the team with the least number of forfeit losses will advance. If both teams have an equal number of forfeit losses, they will play a one map tiebreaker on a map determined by the admins.
2. Match Rules
15 minutes for all players to be in the server after designated match time. If you do not field 5 players for your team before the 15 minutes it up you will forfeit the map. No exceptions. If you forfeit map 1 you will immediately begin map 2 and have another 10 minutes to get 5 players into the server. If you cannot field 5 players you will forfeit the map.
2.1 Map Selection
A team can chose any map from the map list each week. But can not chose a map more then once.

The Map list will be reset for the playoffs. All TB maps will be preset By the admins.
2.2 Maplist
2.3 Color Choice
During all matches, the team that has not chosen the map to be played is allowed to choose color. During the playoffs, the choice of color for the tiebreaker maps is granted to the higher seeded team.
Moderated By: MLIG VII Admins

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