1 League Outline
1.1 League Format
The season format will consist of a 3 map match, where each team will play every other team once. There will be only one division containing six teams with a total of five regular season games. The TB map will be selected from a pre-determined list.
1.2 League Point Format
Each match consists of three maps being played. Teams will be awarded three (3) points for each map win, one (1) point for each map loss and zero (0) points for each map forfeit. In the event of a tie at the end of the regular season, the team that won the head-to-head matchup between both teams will be declared the higher seed.
1.3 Playoff Format
The playoffs will consist of a single-elimination style setup. The highest seeded team based on the regular season standings will be given a bye in the semifinals.

Rules for Playoffs:
1. Teams are required to have a minimum of 3 players (this has been reduced due to potential forefits). However, the team that has 5 can choose to play with all 5. ie. 5v4, 5v3, etc.
2. Higher seed gets option to play their map first or the opponent's map first.
3. Colour choice is given to the team that did not pick the map.
4. Tiebreaker map will be determined by veto rule. What this means is that each team will take turns picking a map and the opposing team has the option to veto. Since there are an odd number of maps (15), if an agreement cannot be reached, the last map will become the TB map. If an agreemnt is made, the team that did not suggest the map will be given colour choice. If the 15th map is TB, the higher seeded team gets colour choice.
5. TB map does not count as a team's map pick.

It will be at the discretion of the finalists to determine if the championship round(s) consist of a Best-of-3 or Best-of-5. Both teams must agree to a Best-of-5 before the match starts. If there is a disagreement, the match will be a Best-of-3.
2 Match Rules
2.1 Map Selection
During the regular season, each team may choose a map only once. In the playoffs, teams may pick the same map twice but cannot pick them consecutively. Take note that the maps picked in the regular season may be picked in the post season again. Tie-breaker maps will be pre-determined and they will be based on maps that were picked the most during the regular season.

During the season, the team that gets all 5 of its players in the server first will have the choice of playing their map first or second. During the Playoffs, The higher seeded team will get to choose.

*Playoff TB Maps are to be determined.

2.2 Map List
The official map list for MLSP II is:

2.3 Color Choice
Whichever team chooses the map, the opposing team gets to choose team colour. This applies to both the season and the playoffs.
2.4 Match Scheduling
All matches are prescheduled by the MLSP admins. During the season, a team MUST field five players at match time, they may not play with 4 players. During the post-season, each team must be able to field at least four players.
2.5 Forfeit Loss
If neither team can field a minimum of 4 players 10 minutes after the designated start match time, both teams receive a forfeit loss for the first map. Once the forfeit is confirmed. Teams will have 10 minutes to get at least 4 players or they will forfeit the second map as well.

Please note that there are 0 points given out for a forfeit loss and 1 point for a regulation loss. The winner receives 3 points for each map win including forfeit wins.
3 Match Servers
3.1 Servers
Currently there is one official match server at this time.

SPS I unreal:// (Chicago)

If either server is down, an un-official server may be used if it has adequate cheat protection and settings. The server must be approved by MLSP admins before being used.
3.2 Server Settings
Required Mutators: No Redeemer, No PowerUps, AntiTweak v4.2, BDBMapVote3.04/MapvoteLA13

Required Server Actors: UTPureRC7E,AnthChecker_v138 (Build 7), UTDCv2.0c, AntiFA46

Server Settings:
Max Team Score: 10
Time Limit: 15 minutes
Weapons Stay: On
Tournament: On
Max Teams: 2
Friendly Fire: 0%
Game Style: Hardcore
Game Speed: 125%
Air Control: 100%
Translocator: On
Bots: Off
Powerups: Off
3.3 Server Crash
In the event that the game server crashes during a match, the match will restart with the amount of time that was remaining when the server crashed. If the score was tied prior to the crash then any overtime played in the restart will be official.

If the match was not tied any captures made prior to the crash will be added to the score once the clock reaches 0:00. If overtime is required at that point, teams will restart the map again with the first team capturing winning the map.
4 Player Rules and Responsibilties
4.1 Captain Responsibilities
1. Must assign a co-captain after the draft.
2. Remember to take SmartCTF Screenshots at the end of each map
3. Respect all players including opponents.

In the absence of the official captain, the co-captain will act as the captain. In the absence of both the captain and the co-captain, the available player with the highest salary will act as temp-captain and has the power to appoint another teammate as temp-captain.
4.2 Captain Replacement
Should a team be unhappy with their team captain, they may hold a team vote of non-confidence to remove him. If five (5) or more players on a team agree to the removal of a captain, the captain will be removed from the league. The player with the highest salary on the team will then become captain, or he may promote another player to the role of captain.

Should a captain not take his or her duties seriously, he may be removed from his position as captain by the league and may face suspension.
4.3 Team Creation
Each team will consist of 10 players. They will be acquired through a draft process on IRC in #MLSP using a bot. The draft order will begin with the captain with the lowest rank. Each team's salary will be totaled at the end of the round and the lowest cumulative valued team gets first pick in each round.
4.4 Trading
Trading is allowed between all teams in MLSP. However, all trades must be approved by the MLSP admins. To complete a trade, both captains must contact an admin with the proposed trade. If the trade is deemed legitimate, balanced, and fair, then an admin will approve and complete the trade through the website. However, the trade can be rejected for many various reasons, such as, but not limited to, if the trade causes one team to become much stronger than the other.

Once a team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, their roster will be locked and they will be unable to trade for the remainder of the season. This is to prevent team dumping once a team is out of playoff contention
4.5 Player Holdout
If a player refuses to play for two (2) matches, the player will be removed from that teams roster, and added back to the free agent list. If a player becomes a 'holdout' in this manner, their salary will be increased to 200% of its value, or a minimum of $200, whichever is greater, and they will be placed back in to the free agent pool

Please note that if a captain or co-captain removes themselves from their roster, this will be treated as a hold out and their salary will be increased as per the normal rules for a hold out. Captain's holding out is a serious offense and may result in additional punishment.
4.6 Player Inactivity
If a player misses two (2) consecutive matches, a team can drop him like any other player and contact an admin with an inactivity request.

Should the player be found inactive, the player will be removed from the league and will not be placed back in to the free agent pool, thus protecting teams from players who fake being inactive in order to be dropped, without incurring the additional increase to their salary due to the holdout rule.

However, if a captain has sufficient reason to believe that a player who is active is refusing to play, he or she may contact us and the offending player may be subject to the holdout rule.
5 Game Rules
5.1 Cheats
All hacks, bots, radars, cheats and non-GUI (advanced preferences) controlled tweaks are illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, any kind of automated aiming bot, a trigger-bot, any form of radar, server-crashing bugs / tools, packet loss and latency inducing devices, external timers, HUD timers (besides the one PURE provides), and anything in that same vein or spirit, or any cheats/hacks/tweaks that causes a player to be kicked from the server (no ambient sounds/light boxes/no shadows/etc.). Please use your brain as this is a zero tolerance policy. Any violations will be reviewed and may result in PERMANENT EXPULSION for the offending player from all MLSP related events and a forfeit loss of the match in question for the offending team. These rules are not finite and can be changed or modified at anytime to address any situation. Those caught by our cheat protection will be subject to punishment. The only allowable tweak is shortened death messages. Every other tweak is illegal for MLSP.

In addition, players can be convicted of the above without being caught by server cheat protection. Admins reserve the right to take into account all evidence regarding said player, including but not limited to: demos, screenshots and server logs.
5.2 Spectators
Should any players be spectating a game without the consent of an administrator, they risk a possible suspension from league play. Should they be a member of a team playing in that match, the offending team will receive a forfeit loss for the map in question.
5.3 Illegal Tactics
The following tactics are illegal:

- Frog Jumping
- Intentionally boosting with a weapon other than shock primary.
- Piston/Portal Camping
- Leaving your translocator under a lift.

Boosting aside from shock primary is considered illegal. We understand boosts can be accidental, if anyone is accused of intentionally boosting a demo must be provided to support your case.
5.4 Illegal Tactics II
- Smurfing
- Aliasing using an unrecognizable name. Commonly used aliases are acceptable as long as players state who they are when asked by any admin/player. Do not use somebody elses nickname/alias at any time.
- Exploiting game/map bugs.
- Spamming text taunts or binding wave taunts

Any violation of these rules will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
5.5 Conflict Resolution
Any issues will be resolved by admin vote and input from the community. Decisions will be made prior to the next round of matches.
5.6 Catch All
The MLSP admins reserve the right to alter any rule in any way at any time as they see fit if deemed necessary. This is to protect the integrity of the tournament in case of a loophole or something being overlooked.
6.0 Objective
The goal and success of this tournament depends on the trust of the admins and the sportsmanlike conduct of the players. Any admin or player found to be disrespectful or fucking retarded may be removed from future events.
Moderated By: MLSP II Admins

MLSP II Features