1. League Rules
1.1 League Format

The 14th edition of Major League Team Death Match, hereafter referred to as MLTDM XIV, will be a season format and feature a single-elimination playoff round. There will be 2 divisions containing 4 teams (8 total) where every team plays each other once in a round-robin for a total of 3 regular season matches.

1.2 League Point Format

Each match consists of two maps and no tiebreaker. Teams will be awarded three (3) points for each map win, one (1) point for each map loss and zero (0) points for each map forfeit. The four teams with the most points at the end of the regular season will advance to the playoffs. In the event of a tie, the team who has recorded the most game wins (not map wins) will advance. Should both teams have an equal number of game wins, the team that won the head-to-head match up between both teams will advance. If the teams had split, the team with the better frag ratio in the head to head match up will advance. If one of the teams had forfeited a map during the head to head, it will be considered an 80-0 loss for the purposes of calculating frag differential. If the teams are still tied in frag ratio in their head to head match up, the team with the least number of forfeit losses will advance. If both teams have an equal number of forfeit losses, they will play a one map tiebreaker on a map determined by the admins.

If a 3-4 way tie presents itself, the team(s) with the most match wins will advance. If the teams have the same number of match wins, a team that has a head-to-head win over one of the other tied teams and the other tied teams don't they will auto-advance and the two remaining teams will be subject to the scenerios above if a playoff spot is still open. (ie: team1/2/3 are tied for points. team 1 has a win over team 2 but team 3 tied both team1 and 2; team 1 advances). If each tied team has a win over one another, the team(s) with the least amount of forfeit losses will advance. Lastly, the team(s) with the best overall efficiency will advance if the former methods are to no avail.

1.3 Playoff Format

The top four teams advance to the playoff. In what's sometimes called the semi-finals, In what's sometimes called the semi-finals, the #1 seed division 1 will play the #2 seed from division 2 and vice versa. The winners of the semi-finals go on to play each other in the finals with the winner of that being declared champion.
2. Match Rules
2.1 Map Selection

There will be 10 maps in MLTDM XIV.

Each round of the regular season will consist of 2 maps only, selected from the approved maplist. During each of the regular season matches, each team will pick one (1) map and the opposing team will have color choice. Each team is allowed to choose a map from the approve maplist ONCE during the regular season. Upon reaching playoffs, a team may select any map from the approved maplist in both rounds.

Team captains must give their map choices to the admin prior to match time. Once the match admin has announced each team's map selection, neither team may change their map choice. If both teams pick the same map, the admin will allow both teams to resubmit their map selection. If both teams decide not to change their map selection, that map will be played twice. However, if both teams change their map pick but end up picking the same map, the map that was selected by both teams initially will be the first map played and the map that was selected by both teams the second time will be the second map played for the match.

During the Semi-finals, all ten (10) maps are open to picking and elimination.

Should a tiebreaker map be needed, the teams shall take turns eliminating maps from the list of unplayed maps until one map remains. The team with the most total frags on the previous two maps will decide whether they want to eliminate a map first or have server/color choice for the tiebreaker. If they have the same frag spread then the lower seed team will get the server or map pick choice.

The final round of the playoffs will be a best of five (5) maps with each team choosing two (2) maps from the entire maplist. The teams will play the higher seeded team's map selection first and then third. If a tiebreaker is necessary, the same process above from semi-finals applies.

2.2 Map List


2.3 Server Selection

Team captains must give their server choice from the approved server list to the admin prior to match time. The team listed first on the site will have their map pick played first on the second team's server choice.

2.4 Color Choice

The team who didn't pick the map will have color choice.

2.5 Map Time Limit

Each map is 20 minutes long. If the full 20 minute time allotment isn't finished due to the server crashing or a map being incorrectly voted, the match admin may order a replay or have scores carried over for the remaining time.

2.6 Approved Servers

[CHI] The Playhouse - unreal://
[CHI] The PlayHouse II - unreal://
[CHI] The Gym - unreal://
[CHI] Cloud Gate - unreal://
[CO] Rocky Mountains - unreal://
[CO] Mile High Club - unreal://
[TX] Crippla Presents: U Mad? - unreal://
[TX] oskr Presents: The Q Continuum! - unreal://
[TX] The Power Plant - unreal://
3. Match Scheduling
All matches are prescheduled by the MLTDM staff and times will be posted on the MLTDM website. If a team cannot field an adequate lineup (4 legal players) at match time, they will be subject to a forfeit loss. The specific rules for a forfeit loss due to a lack of players are enumerated under sections 3.1(a) through 3.1(e).

3.1(a) Forfeit Loss - Double Forfeit

If neither team can field a team of four (4) players fifteen (15) minutes after the designated start match time or arrival of an admin, whichever is later, both teams receive a forfeit loss for both maps, neither team receiving any points.

3.1(b) Forfeit Loss - 15 Minutes

If Team B cannot field a team of four (4) members fifteen (15) minutes after Team A has provided four (4) clicked members, provided that it is after the designated match start time or arrival of an admin, whichever is later, Team B forfeits their map pick and Team A receives points for the win.

3.1(c) Forfeit Loss - 25 Minutes

If Team B cannot field a team of four (4) members twenty-five (25) minutes after Team A has provided four (4) clicked members, provided that it is after the designated match start time or arrival of an admin, whichever is later, Team B forfeits Team A's map pick and Team A receives points for the win.

3.1(d) Forfeit Loss - Between Maps

If neither team can field a team of four (4) players within ten (10) minutes of the completion of a map, provided an admin is present, both teams receive a forfeit loss for the next map, neither team receiving any points.

3.1(e) Forfeit Loss - Between Maps

If, between maps, Team B cannot field a team of four (4) members ten (10) minutes after Team A has fielded four (4) members, provided an admin is present and all four (4) members of Team A signal their presence, Team B forfeits the map and Team A is awarded points for a map win.

3.2 3v3

If the match admin and both teams agree, a 3v3 may be played to avoid forfeits. This is heavily discouraged and should mainly be used in circumstances where both teams can't field 4.

3.3 Match Rescheduling

Reschedules are frowned upon, and will only be allowed up to a certain degree. Rescheduling of matches will ONLY be allowed if both captain agree and an admin is informed prior to the original match time.

If you feel you need to reschedule a match, contact the other team captain as soon as possible. Rescheduled matches MUST be finished BEFORE either team's next round match date. Any rescheduled matches will not be played during normal MLTDM days and hours.

Be advised if you agree to reschedule to help out another team, and you do not get the match played before your next match date, both teams will receive no points for that match. By rescheduling, you put your team at risk to end up forfeiting to the other team.

In the case an admin cannot be found for a match, please have as many volunteers as possible record demos and take screenshots of the match. Demos are the only way we can resolve disputes afterwards, so if both captains agree to play without an admin, this is a smart idea. Captains could also agree on a 3rd party admin for a match if they wanted to. This should never happen, I just put this here in case of emergency.
4. Team Rules
4.1 Captain Responsibilities

Captains will be selected from a list of applicants by the admininstrators. Captains will be required to:

a) Name their team.
b) Draft a competitive team.
c) Assign a co-captain.
d) Make team decisions, such as lineup, map, color and server choices.
e) Take screenshots of their matches and provide them to the admins.
f) Collect evidence and provide it to the MLUT admins when accusing another team of breaking the rules.

In the absence of the official captain, the co-captain will act as the captain. In the absence of both the captain and the co-captain, the available player with the highest salary will act as captain.

4.2 Captain Replacement

Should a team be unhappy with their team captain, they may hold a team vote of non-confidence to remove him. If four (4) or more players on a team agree to the removal of a captain, the captain will be removed from the league. The player with the highest salary on the team will then become captain, or he may promote another player to the role of captain.

Should a captain not take his or her duties seriously, he may be removed from his position as captain by the league and may face suspension.

4.3 Team Creation

Each team will consist of (8) players. They will be acquired through a draft process on IRC using a bot. The draft order will begin with the captain with the lowest rank.

4.4 Player Salaries

All MLUT players will be listed with a corresponding salary based on their compiled skill ranking.

Over the course of a few days players, admins and captains will be asked to submit player ranking lists using the integrated ranking program found on the MLUT site. All players are encouraged to use this program. You are able to edit your list at any time and save the changes. Once you are finished, you can submit the list to the admins via the website. The admins then review the lists, and the ones that we believe are accurate enough will be approved.

All approved lists will be averaged, then each player will receive a compiled ranking and will be assigned a salary based on a graduated pay scale.

4.5 Trading

Trading is allowed between all teams in MLTDM XIV. However, all trades must be approved by the MLTDM XIV admins. To complete a trade, both captains must contact an admin with the proposed trade. If the trade is deemed legitimate, balanced, and fair, then an admin will approve and complete the trade through the website. However, the trade can be rejected for many various reasons, such as, but not limited to, if the trade causes one team to become much stronger than the other.

Players cannot play for 2 teams in 1 round, if you are traded from a team that has already played this round, to a team that still has to play that rounds match, you will not be eligible until your new teams next match.

Once a team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, their roster will be locked and they will be unable to trade for the remainder of the season. This is to prevent team dumping once a team is out of playoff contention.
5. Game Rules
5.1 Cheats

All hacks, bots, radars, and cheats are illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, any kind of automated aiming bot, a trigger-bot, any form of radar, server-crashing bugs and tools, packet loss and latency inducing devices, external timers, HUD timers (besides the one PURE provides), and anything in that same vein or spirit. Please use your brain. All violations will result in an PERMANENT EXPULSION for the offending player from MLUT and all MLUT related events. It will also result in a forfeit loss of the match in question for the offending team.

In addition, players can be convicted of the above without being caught by server cheat protection. Admins reserve the right to take into account all evidence regarding said player, including but not limited to: demos, screenshots and server logs.

5.2 Taunts

Excessive use of text taunts is illegal. Using taunts bound to movement keys, firing keys, weapon switch keys, or any other frequently used bind in the game, is illegal. Issues will be handled on a case by case basis.

5.3 Skins

Players may not use any skins other than those included in a default installation of Unreal Tournament, and may not alter the appearance of any of these skins by any means.

5.4 Spectators

Should any players be spectating a game without the consent of an administrator, they risk a possible suspension from league play. Should they be a member of a team playing in that match, the offending team will receive a forfeit loss for the map in question.

5.5 Server Admin

If a player logs into a server as administrator prior to a match, the player must logout when complete, and reconnect to the server. At no time may a player login as administrator during the match. Doing so will result in a forfeit loss for the map in question for the offending team, and a possible suspension for the offending player.

5.6 Connection Fraud

All connection fraud is illegal, including but not limited to, faking your ping or disturbing anothers connection through any means. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team. The offending player will be suspended from play for the current season with the possibility of a longer ban.

5.7 Aliasing

A player may not use multiple identities over the course of the season. The name a player uses must be identical to that tracked by the admins and the alias they signed up as. If at any time a player refuses to use the name they signed up with when asked by an admin to change it during a match, they will be denied permission to play. Repeated offenses will result in a player being suspended from play for the rest of the season.

5.8 Ringing

Using a ringer (a player not on your eligible roster, who is generally posing as an eligible player) is a serious offense. Using a ringer will result in the offending player, as well as any captains or co-captains present, being banned indefinitely. In addition, the team will forfeit the maps in question and be disqualified from play for the remainder of the season.

5.9 Portal Camping

Piston portal camping is LEGAL. Since you can kill your teammates and it requires "teamwork" to be done successfully, it is allowed.

5.10 Game Bugs

Exploiting game bugs is illegal, such as, but not limited to, the armor bug. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team.
6. Administration
6.1 Administrative Powers

All MLTDM admins have the power to make any changes to information on the MLUT website. Should a captain or player notice any mistakes, he or she may contact an admin to make any changes. Should a captain, player or other admin feel that an admin is abusing their power, he or she may file a grievance with the MLTDM XIV head admin. The MLTDM administration will then look into this claim.

6.2 Conflict Resolution

Any and all problems (including those not governed in the rules) will be resolved by an admin vote. All admins have one (1) vote and can choose not to vote if they so please. In the hopes of keeping things moving, all open votes have a twenty-four (24) hour window in which admins can place their vote. There may, however, be exceptions to this twenty-four (24) hour window, should the vote be for something that does not require immediate resolution.

6.3 Conflict Of Interest

Admins are not allowed to vote on any issues that involve a team that they are a member of. They may provide feedback and their input, but their vote will not count in determining the final outcome.

6.4 Asterisk

The MLTDM XIV admins reserve the right to alter any rule in any way at any time as they see fit if there is a passing majority admin vote. This is to protect the integrity of the tournament in case of a loophole or something being overlooked.
Moderated By: MLTDM Admins

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