UT Deathmatch I
*Asterisk Rule
MLUT is known to always have a unique issue to create complications. Admins reserve the right to make decisions for situations that are not listed in the rules. The overall goal is to ensure league integrity and credibility. This rule will be used for things such server crashes, player lag outs, excessive ping to a server, etc...
All players will be required to demo their matches. Players will be required to provide demos by the request of admins at any time during the tournament. Failure to provide a demo could result in penalties including a match being replayed or removal from the tournament.

Players should utilize MEDIA UPLOAD to host their files. www.mediaupload.com
Divisions / Seeding
Admins will work together to determine the fairest way to divide players into divisions. Experienced 1v1 players will participate in the Division 1 tournament on August 11-12. Lesser experienced/proven players will participate in Division 2 tournament on August 4-5.

Admins will meet to discuss player seeding for each bracket. The following criteria will factor into the seeding process: Experience, Current Form, Internet Connection, Overall Map Quality, and History vs other opponents.

Both divisions will use the same map list, servers, and rules. Each division will have their own individual league website.
Illegal Tactics
Illegal tactics include: Portal camping, reconnecting to avoid death, abusing autopause, leaving the server to try and disrupt flow of the game, map exploits, manipulating ping both in game or prior to game.

Admins will review all cases in which a party is being accused of an illegal tactic.
Map Selection Process
There are 7 maps on the map list that needs to be narrowed down to 3 maps for the match to take place. This will happen based off the following map selection process.

Players are expected to handle this process themselves, but an admin can be present if the players feel it is necessary.

1) The higher seed will begin the process by selecting one map that he/she does not want to play.

2) The lower seed will then select the map he/she does not want to play.

3) The higher seed will then select the second map he/she does not wish to play.

4) The lower seed will vote off the final map.

5) The higher seed will select the map he/she wishes to play

6) The lower seed will select the map he/she wishes to play

7) The last map remaining will be the tiebreaker map (if necessary)

A demonstration of this process can be found here:

Map Settings
15 minutes
Newnet Disabled
Shieldbelt Enabled
Amp Disabled
Weapon Stay Off
All matches will have unique/customized passwords
Only admins/streamers allowed to spectate
Map Voting

The majority of the servers used have multiple 1v1 DM settings. Please use the "MLUT Column" on the far right and scroll down to MLDM-Map Name Here. This will be setup according to the MLDM rules page.
Official Server List
Server #1: [IL]TSM's.Training.Grounds ||
Server #2: [IL]The Gym || unreal://
Server #3: [IL]The Nation || unreal://
Server #4: [TX]The Power Plant || unreal://
Server #5: [NY]the big apple || unreal://
Server #6: [NY]the chosen || unreal://
Server #7: [TX]Continuum ||
Server #8: [TX]MLDM #1 || unreal://
Server #9: [TX]MLDM #2 || unreal://
Server #10: [TX]MLDM #3 || unreal://
Server #11: [IL]MLDM #4 || unreal://

New York servers need to be agreed upon by both players to be selected.
Server Selection Process
There will be two ways to determine a server location.

A) Both players will agree to play all 3 maps on a specific server. If players are unable to come to an agreement, they will then be forced to do the following:

B) The first map of the series will take place on the server selection of the LOWER seed. This will be the HIGHER seed's map selection. The second map of the series will take place on the server selection of the HIGHER seed. This will be the LOWER seed's map selection.

In the event of a tie, whoever is leading the frag spread of the series will determine which server will be played on for the third and final map. If frag spread is the same, the LOWER seed will select the server.

* Admins may use the asterisk rule to prevent extreme ping advantages/disadvantages.

A demonstration of this process can be found here:
Server Settings
GameType: Team DeathMatch (MLDM vote on mapvote)
Time Limit: 15
Shieldbelt: Enabled
Amp: Disabled
Invis: Disabled
Redeemer: Disabled
Weapon Stay: Off
Auto Respawn: On
ServerSide Demos: On
AutoPause: On (3 minutes per pause, 5 minutes max pause per player unless more is allowed by opponent via "hold" command in console.

All servers configured by chicken-.
The streaming contributors reserve the right to stream any match this season. All streams will be required to have a delay to ensure opponents are unable to receive an unfair advantage.
Moderated By: MLDM Admins

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